The Green Mile (1999): Old Movie That Will Make You Cry

Review of The Green Mile – The Green Mile is an American drama film released in 1999. The film, directed by Frank Darabont, was adapted from the novel of the same name by Stephen King.

Synopsis: The Green Mile

This film tells about the life of Paul Edgecomb (Tom Hanks), the chief warden of a death row prison. Along with his four partners: Brutus “Brutal” Howell (David Morse), Dean Stanton (Barry Pepper), Harry Terwilliger (Jeffrey DeMunn), and Percy Wetmore (Doug Hutchison). They are tasked with maintaining order in the cells of death row inmates and carrying out the execution of criminals.

One day, Green Mile has a new prisoner named John Coffey (Michael Clarke Duncan). A black man who has a tall and scary posture. John is a prisoner for the rape and murder of two girls.

He was accused of being the perpetrator because, at the scene of the crime, John was holding his two daughters, whose bodies were covered in blood. Defense has been done, John, but in vain. At that time, the issue of racism was rife in the southern region of the United States. Thus, the existence of black people at that time was not profitable for John.

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Review of The Green Mile: John cured Paul’s illness.

Paul, the chief warden, was suffering from a severe urinary tract infection. Miraculously, John was able to heal the warden. Not only that, John was also able to revive Mr. Jingles, Eduard’s pet rat, after Percy stomped him to death. This incident made John and Paul’s relationship even closer.

The truth about John is revealed: John did not commit the murder or rape he was accused of. However, it was too late; Paul could not do anything to help John.

Before being executed, Paul and Brutus came to John to ask his last request. John wanted to eat his wife’s bacon and cornbread. Besides that, John wanted to watch a movie because he had never watched one in his whole life. Paul also granted John’s request.

Review of The Green Mile: John’s Execution Begins

The night of the execution arrived, and John sat in the electric chair in the presence of the victim’s parents and other guards. With a heavy heart, Paul had to witness John’s execution. This is the most tear-jerking scene.

This film has received nominations for four Academy Award categories, namely best supporting actor for Michael Clarke Duncan, best film, best sound, and best adapted screenplay.

From the film Green Mile, we can learn that we should not judge someone by their physical appearance because physical appearance does not fully reflect a person’s character.

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