Top 3 Best Movies About Hiking Recommendation

Movies About Hiking – What do you look for when looking for a film about mountain climbing? Do you want to see the extraordinary adventures of mountain climbers, or do you want to feel what it’s like to get your adrenaline pumping at a height? We have prepared a list of the top 3 best mountain climbing films of all time for you, which will definitely fulfill your desire for adventure. Prepare yourself and start your adventure here.

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Movies About Hiking

1. Free Solo

Movies About Hiking

This film tells the story of Alex Honnold. He was the first climber to successfully perform an extreme solo climb. Namely, climbing the vertical rock cliffs of El Capitan as high as 3,000 feet (914.4 m). El Capitan is in Yosemite National Park. The cool thing is, this film is a documentary that tells a true incident.

Released on December 13 2018, the film Free Solo won a number of prestigious awards. Among them, namely the Academy Award in the Best Documentary Feature category, and the BAFTA Film Award in the Best Documentary category. Oh yes, Free Solo is an official documentary from National Geographic, you know.

Free Solo was directed by E. Chai Vasarhelyi who is a famous documentary film director. He worked on this film with Jimmy Chin who is a photographer and mountain climber. This film is stunning because it shows amazing scenes and is so close to nature. Apart from that, we can see how tough solo climber Alex Honnold is in achieving his dream. Namely, conquering the most famous rock cliffs in the world, without using ropes. Amazing, yeah.

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2. Movies About Hiking: Everest

Movies About Hiking

Everest is a film made based on true events. Or, based on true story. Namely, about climbing Everest in 1996, what kind of disaster occurred at that time. Also the survival efforts made by the two expedition groups that departed. Well, one expedition group was led by Rob Hall. Meanwhile, the other is led by Scott Fischer.

The character Rob Hall is played by Jason Clarke. Meanwhile, Scott Fischer is played by Jake Gyllenhaal. Then, other actors and actresses are Josh Brolin, John Hawkes, Robin Wright, Emily Watson, Keira Knightley and Sam Worthington. In Indonesia, the film Everest was released on September 16 2015.

This cool film won the Il Festival Nazionale del Doppiaggio Voci nell’Ombra 2016 award in the Best Overall Dubbing category. For Mario Cordova as voice director of the film Everest. Additionally, the film was also nominated for a number of other international awards. In this film, we can see the struggle of climbers in conquering Everest, the world’s highest peak. How suddenly, a storm hits the mountain, turning the situation very tense. The conditions were extreme, with strong winds and freezing cold temperatures. It feels like we are also there and surviving.

3. North Face

Movies About Hiking

North Face is a very inspiring film about mountain climbing. The story is based on a true story. The film released on 23 October 2008 and directed by Philipp Stölzl. The director also wrote the film script together with Chris Martin Silber. Meanwhile, the actors and actresses in this film are Benno Fürmann, Florian Lukas, Johanna Wokalek.

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Well, this film made based on a true story, namely the climb in 1936. At that time, an expedition carried out to climb the Eiger via the north face. The story is about the story of two German climbers who did a climbing competition. They climbed the most dangerous rock faces in the Alps.

The two climbers are Toni Kurz (Benno Fürmann) and Andi Hinterstoisser (Florian Lukas), along with a journalist named Louise (Johanna Wokalek). The three were childhood friends in Berchtesgaden, Bavaria. In this film, their adventures in conquering extreme peaks told. Where the cliffs are steep rocks covered in snow.

Toni Kurz and Andi Hinterstoisser, claimed to be the two best climbers in Europe at that time. Because they are professional climbers who conquer steep cliffs. And, both of them always make different paths on every climb. Then, the routes were named after the two of them.

There are many moral messages that can learned from this film. About friendship, heroic humanitarian actions, and ambition to reach the top. Also an interesting thing. That is, if we want to compete against nature. So, surely nature will be the winner.