Top 5 Movies Like Vivarium Recommendation You Should Watch !

Movies Like Vivarium Recommendation – If you liked the science fiction thriller Vivarium, you should definitely check out other sci-fi/horror films. Some of the finest movies that follow, such as Vivarium, have a spooky and surreal atmosphere. You’ll be on the edge of your seat the entire time because of the surreal imagery and concepts.

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Movies Like Vivarium Recommendation

1. In the Tall Grass (2019)

In the Tall Grass (2019)

Carl and Becky, siblings, enter a grassy field upon hearing the wails of a tiny child who has gone missing. They went into the seemingly harmless field because they wanted to save him.

Realizing they were ensnared in a dark labyrinth where unidentified forces were confusing them came too late. They try to locate one another and survive the hazardous environment despite being unable to communicate with the outside world. But it seems that being lost is not as bad as being discovered.

This film, which is based on a Stephen King novel, boasts amazing scenery and a fascinating plot. Its sound design and cinematography add to the overall ominous atmosphere. Furthermore, the entire style created a mood that made the viewers shiver.

2. The Platform (2019)

The Platform (2019)

The Platform, an extremely graphic film in the same genre as Vivarium, was a great hit at the Toronto Film Festival. In this film, Spanish filmmaker Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia makes his feature film debut directing a mystery jail that commits unspeakable crimes.

Everyone has access to an absurd amount of food on a lowering platform. The inmates, however, are free to choose whether to eat everything or save some for the people below. This untamed state turns become a struggle for survival or a chance for cooperation.

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It’s a dystopian commentary on capitalism haughtiness, communist paranoia, and social conscience. Despite the theme’s brilliance, some reviewers claim the premise is unoriginal. The film’s outstanding production design and acting more than make up for this small issue.

3. The Void (2016)

Movies Like Vivarium Recommendation

Police Officer Carter saved a bleeding guy off a barren road at the start of the narrative. He takes him to a hospital where there is hardly any personnel that works nights. It was a nightmare instead of a straightforward call of duty.

A group of individuals wearing cloaks encircled the structure, imprisoning the patients within the hospital. The villains, who resembled cult members, drove the personnel and patients mad in an attempt to defend themselves. Carter believed they would be secure in a hospital basement that he found. But it leads to what appears to be a hellish doorway.

4. 1408 (2007)

Movies Like Vivarium Recommendation

John Cusack portrays the jaded and doubtful writer Mike Enslin. He looks into paranormal activity in hotels, cemeteries, and other scary places. His goal was to disprove the beliefs of the believers and unravel these riddles.

He goes to New York to conduct research for his newest book, leaving from Los Angeles. He desired to stay one night at the notorious Dolphin Hotel room 1408. Several killings meant that the room was never open to guests. It did not take him long to realize that the people who had checked in had little chance of surviving.

The film does not let down, since it is another adaptation of a Stephen King book. Even though it got off to a poor start, the excitement builds to an incredible finale. As a cynical writer whose personal life is as turbulent as the room, John Cusak gave an outstanding performance. The performance of Samuel Jackson increased the film’s impact.

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5. Movies Like Vivarium Recommendation: Cube (1997)

Movies Like Vivarium Recommendation

Six people from disparate backgrounds find themselves imprisoned in a cubicle. A scientist, a police officer, an architect, an escape artist, a math prodigy, and an intelligent autistic person are among them.

Thousands of cells make up this enormous cube; some are even booby-trapped. To get out of this weird jail, the inmates must pool their talents. Each person has a role to play in determining what brings them to this dark place. One individual, though, could know something about the entire organization that he won’t divulge to the group.

Some viewers think that this movie is a visual masterpiece even though it had a little budget. In the 1990s, the original concept was well ahead of its time. It feels claustrophobic in a way reminiscent to Vivarium.