5 Best Movies Like Hereditary Recommendation for You !

Movies Like Hereditary – Whatever type of horror film we watch, it will definitely succeed in making the hairs on the back of our necks tingle and make us sleep with the lights on. Hereditary is no exception. Anyone who watches it will definitely be “depressed” by what really happened to Annie’s family since her mother died.

So it’s not surprising that this slow-burn horror film immediately stole attention when it was first screened at the Sundance Film Festival at the beginning of this year. For those of you who don’t know or are still unsure about this type of horror. Slow-burn horror a sub-genre that terrorizes the audience with the development of each character, terrifying background sound, gripping cinematography, and the strength of the film’s story itself rather than using jump scares which can said to be too mainstream and predictable.

Apart from Hereditary, the author highly recommends the 5 best slow-burn horror films that are ready to make you sleep with the lights on. Hang out with friends to make it even more exciting!

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Movies Like Hereditary

1. The Witch

The Witch

Set in New England in 1630, The Witch tells the story of a family who terrorized by something invisible and hid somewhere in a remote forest. The film made by Roberts Eggers succeeded in making film lovers scared throughout the film by building tension very well even without using jump scares excessively. Of course, you need patience to enjoy every terror in this film.

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2. Movies Like Hereditary: Session 9

 Session 9

Session 9 tells the story of five janitors who were assigned to clean an abandoned mental hospital. The director, Brad Anderson, used the Danish state mental hospital as a setting to evoke horror and fear as if the building were really alive.

3. The Blair Witch Project

Movies Like Hereditary

The Blair Witch Project tells the story of three students who go to Maryland to make a film about the legend there, The Blair Witch. They disappeared after previously going into the woods to find Blair Witch. A year later, a recording made by three students found in the forest and explained what had really happened to them. As one of the pioneers of found-footage films, The Blair Witch utilized the mystical power and terror of the forest very well. Coupled with the constantly shaking camera technique, this film feels very real. It is not surprising that this film made by Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez received praise from many film critics and positive reception from film lovers.

4. Rosemary’s Baby

Movies Like Hereditary

This film, which adapted from the best-selling novel by Ira Levin, tells the story of a young couple who has just married and moves to a new house where suddenly the wife, Rosemary, becomes pregnant. Rosemary’s pregnancy warmly welcomed by her neighbors while her husband didn’t seem to care. Making Rosemary wonder what really happened. This 1968 horror classic considered one of the pioneers of horror films that involve magical elements in them. Roman Polanski succeeded in capturing Rosemary’s fear and anxiety during her first pregnancy.

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5. The Babadook

Movies Like Hereditary

The Babadook follows the lives of a widow and her son who terrorized by a pale-faced monster known as Mr. Babadook. This Australian-made film, which is Jennifer Kent’s debut as a director, prioritizes depression and psychological pressure experienced by the characters in the film and succeeds in making the audience amazed and disturbed throughout the film.