5 Best Ninja Movies Recommendation You Should Watch !

Best Ninja Movies – One of the themes of this film can really make action film fans curious about the storyline. The theme is about a shadow killer who comes from the land of cherry blossoms, Japan. This time Thelongestfilm will discuss some of the best Ninja films with unique and interesting storylines that you must watch. Here is the review:

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Best Ninja Movies

1. Duel to the Death

Duel to the Death

As the title suggests, “Duel to the Death” is a film that tells the story of a shogun from Japan who has to fight with the greatest shogun from China to honor their respective nations. This time, Ching Wan – champion from China – and Hashimoto – champion from Japan will compete.

Ching Wan is a martial arts follower who truly loves peace because he studied a lot with Shaolin monks. Meanwhile, Hashimoto was known as a cruel and unforgiving shogun. Even though those closest to him influenced Hashimoto to ‘cheat’, the shogun chose a fair duel.

2. Five Elements Ninjas

Five Elements Ninjas

There are some of the best ninja films made by the Hong Kong film industry. One that is relatively old school but has an interesting storyline is “Five Elements Ninjas”. Set during the Yuan Dynasty, this film tells the story of a teacher named Chief Hong who challenges his rival, Yuan Zeng, for the title of martial arts master.

Hong and Yuan Zen’s students faced each other and dueled. When his students lost, Hong summoned a samurai to fight on his behalf. At first, Yuan Zeng’s disciples refused. However, they managed to defeat the samurai. The samurai finally committed suicide. However, before committing suicide he warned Zeng’s students that his allied ninja clan would come for revenge.

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3. Best Ninja Movies: Ninja Assassin

Ninja Assassin

Ninja Assassin was released in 2009. This film, which cast the handsome Korean actor Rain as the main character, really attracted attention. Tells the story of a clan of killers called Ozunu, a clan that is famous and does not hesitate to kill the life of anyone they target.

A murderous clan that was considered a myth for hundreds of years. It turns out that it is in the midst of society. He is Raizo, played by Rain, the killer ninja from Ozunu. Raizo himself is a child who was kidnapped by Ozunu and trained for years to become a shadow assassin.

The story begins when Ozunu kills Raizo’s best friend. An angry Reizo then avenged his best friend and ran away from Ozunu who had raised him. In the shadow of Ozunu’s target, Raizo tries to hide. Meanwhile, an Interpol agent named Mika Coretti, played by Naomie Harris, is investigating murder cases of officials in many countries. Ozunu, who considers Mika a threat, tries to kill him.

But Mika was lucky because Raizo came to save him. They finally went on an adventure that threatened danger. Will Raizo succeed in stopping the deadly threat that is targeting him? You can get the answer by watching the film.

4. Ninja: Shadow of a Tear

Best Ninja Movies

This sequel to the film “Ninja” which was released in 2009 received more positive reviews than the first film. “Ninja: Shadow of a Tear” appeared on the big screen in 2013. This film is a little different from other ninja films because the main character is an American actor, not an Asian actor like most ninja films.

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This film tells the story of Casey’s revenge mission. Casey’s pregnant wife was murdered by an unknown person. Casey begins a search for revenge against his wife’s killer.

5. Shinobi: Heart Under Blade

Best Ninja Movies

Shinobi: Heart Under Blade was released in 2005. It tells the story of two ninja clans named Koga and Iga who have been bitter enemies for hundreds of years. Problems arise when the two leaders, namely Oburu Iga, played by the beautiful actress Yuki Nakama, and Gennosuke Koga, played by Joe Odagiri, love each other, then get married.

Things became even more complicated when the Shogun held a battle between the two ninja clans. Pretend to maintain the continuity of the two clans. Even though they wanted the two ninja clans to be wiped out.

The fight between the two ninjas was unstoppable. Displays attractive visual effects. Watching the film Shinobi: Heart Under Blade is like watching the ninja film Naruto which is rich in cool ninja moves. If you want to know what the battle between the two ninja clans was like, you can watch the film for yourself.