Best 5 Recomendation Movies Like Pride and Prejudice

Movies like Pride and Prejudice. Pride & Prejudice has been the subject of numerous films throughout the years, and many people have loved the original book for even longer. Both moviegoers and bookworms have appreciated them. Pride & Prejudice, a novel that the wickedly astute Jane Austen wrote in 1813 and that has multiple times adapted for the big screen, most notably in 1995 and 2005, chronicles the efforts of the Bennett sisters in each of their attempts to ensure their futures. And, as the sisters’ agitated mother keeps reminding them, a woman’s best chance at a comfortable existence at the time is through a successful marriage.

After all, our heroine Elizabeth Bennett is quoted as saying, “It is a universal truth that a single man in possession of a good fortune must in need of a wife.” Pride & Prejudice, billed as a romance but really a work of satire, explores perennial themes of love, marriage, and social structure. Austen’s timely commentary on these matters still appreciated today.

Jane Austen fans should watch recent adaptations of her works, such as Persuasion on Netflix and Fire Island on Hulu, to get their Jane Austen fix. The narrative of a group of LGBT friends vacationing on New York’s famous Fire Island is told in the 2005 film Fire Island, which captures all the repressed sexual tension of Joe Wright’s Pride & Prejudice.Persuasion is more of a traditional reinterpretation that is nevertheless firmly rooted in the Austen-created world. The film presents Anne Elliot, the renowned heroine of Austen, in yet another light. Check out our curated list of 15 recommendations below if you appreciate the atmosphere of Pride & Prejudice and are looking for more movies with a similar vibe.

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1. Jane Eyre (2011)

Speaking of eminent authors, you may perhaps be familiar with the work of the great novelist Charlotte Bronte. Like Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte has adapted for the big screen numerous times. The 2011 film starring Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender, which stays true to the gothic romance and subdued themes of the original 1847 novel, our favorite adaptation to featured on this list.

Jane Eyre (Wasikowska) is appreciative of her new employment as governess of a sizable mansion called Thornfield Hall after enduring a traumatic childhood as an orphan and years spent in a strict school for girls. The young student she teaches is a good student; she is provided with food and lodging; and the master of the home, Mr. Rochester (Fassbender), looks to be a kind enough guy. But as Jane would soon find out, not everything at Thornfield Hall is as it seems.

2. Anna Karenina (2012)

You might be familiar with another literary great on par with Jane Austen.Ludovic Tolstoy. Anna Karenina, which is based on Tolstoy’s 1877 Russian novel of the same name, brings Keira Knightley back to our list as a leading lady while also featuring Jude Law, is another Tolstoy adaptation.

Anna Karenina has some historical sensuality that’s a little steamier than Pride & Prejudice thanks to the splendid setting of 19th-century Russian aristocracy and social circles full of countesses and princesses as well as plenty of scandalous affairs.

3. Love & Friendship (2016)

Love & Friendship, a novel by Jane Austen published around 1794 called Lady Susan, served as the inspiration for one of her lesser-known short stories. Lady Susan Vernon (Kate Beckinsale), a young, attractive, and recently widowed woman, is looking for suitable husbands for both herself and her daughter, Frederica, in order to recover their lost inheritance. But Frederica will resist “married off” so quickly. Look for the 2016 comedy Love & Friendship for classic Austenian comments on marriage, society, and other topics.

4. Little Women (2019)

We add the timeless coming-of-age novel Little Women to our collection to expand it beyond the world of Jane Austen. The original Little Women, a Lousia May Alcott novel published in 1868, has undergone numerous film adaptations, much like a lot of Austen’s writing. But Greta Gerwig’s 2019 adaptation, which she also wrote and directed, stands apart from the others.

Jo March, played by Saoirse Ronan, a driven writer and the feisty matriarch of her four adored sisters. The compassionate and pragmatic Meg March, the oldest March sister, portrayed by Emma Watson.Amy March, played by Florence Pugh, understands social intelligence as a strategy to maintain her position in society. Timothée Chalamet portrays Laurie, whom the March sisters each admire in their own special way, and Eliza Scanlen plays Beth, the youngest March sister, who is beautiful and innocent. Check out Little Women if you’re looking for more Austenesque ladies and plots to like.

5. Movies like Pride and Prejudice : Emma (2020)

Emma Woodhouse is wealthy, intelligent, and attractive. She is also really intrusive… Emma, based on Jane Austen’s well-known 1815 novel, portrays Anya Taylor-Joy as the sassy matchmaker of the Regency era.

Emma finds herself need a new buddy when her governess, who also her closest friend, departs to get married. Soon after, Emma decides to prepare the young and impressionable Harriet Smith (Mia Goth) for high society, and she sets her sights on her. Even though Mr. Knightley (Johnny Flynn), a respectable man, tries to stop Emma from meddling, she inevitably gets involved in Harriet’s love life and persuades her to reject a marriage proposal from a local farmer. Emma’s haughtiness ultimately manifests itself when she harshly attacks a close friend, much to the chagrin of Mr. Knightley and the rest of her social circle. Emma has a lot to learn about the social class structures that exist in both love and in real life, and these timeless teachings are depicted on screen in the manner that made Jane Austen famous.

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