10 Films About Community and Teamwork

Thelongestfilm Films About Community. Of course, you know that the most important company asset is its people. In fact, you attended a series of HR workshops and training to ensure effective and efficient employee management.

Actually, you can learn about team management from any source. If the budget and time for attending HR training are a challenge, try learning from books or movies. Both can be good learning tools to improve teamwork. The advantage of learning from film is that the message is easier to understand, and it can also be watched in groups.

This time, I will recommend ten films about Community and teamwork that you must watch.

1. Coach Carter (2005)

How to get respect from team members is one of the ‘mysteries’ of leadership tasks. Which do you think is better: a leader to be feared or a respected one? In this film based on a true story, Ken Carter (Samuel L. Jackson) takes over the basketball team at his former high school and sets high standards to improve the players’ mentality. Of course, this is not as easy as expected. But with determination and discipline, the team members finally understood the purpose of the change.

2. Ocean’s Eleven (2011)

The first in a trilogy of films followed by Ocean’s Twelve (2004) and Ocean’s Thirteen (2007) has often been used as a case study in learning about team management. There are three basic principles that you can probably apply in recruitment, namely availability, ability, and trustworthiness. That is, choose employees who can show their dedication to you. By doing so, you know that this member will prioritize the interests of the company over personal interests.

3. The Internship (2013)

Want to refresh a team relationship that is starting to get tense and stiff? Try holding an event to watch this film together, and then close it with a discussion on how to build a good work team. In The Internship, Billy (Vince Vaughn) and Nick (Owen Wilson), who are trying to get a position at Google, have to work with four other people who have very different characters and backgrounds. But in the end, their team was able to excel compared to other teams because they managed to unite the vision and mission. In addition, building ‘trust’ within the team is very important so that tasks can be delegated according to each other’s expertise.

4. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

If you’re a Leonardo DiCaprio fan, you’ve probably seen this film before. Although Jordan Belfort’s character is basically very greedy, there are many valuable lessons that can be learned, especially about how to increase employee motivation. As mentioned in the film The Internship, a clear and strong vision will be able to bind team members. Every human being has the urge to contribute to making something happen, and this is more than just ‘working’. So, make sure you have this ‘something’, which you can teach according to the self-worth of each team member.

5. Flight of the Phoenix (2004)

Still about motivation, this adventure and survival-themed film can inspire your team that may be experiencing failure. Maybe you want to teach that failure is common in work, but of course it must be accompanied by efforts to improve it. Therefore, team members must have resilience, optimism, and enthusiasm to find solutions. Besides that, make sure the atmosphere of communication within the team quite constructive so that trust created between team members.

6. Thank You for Smoking (2005)

Even though it stars Aaron Eckhart, this film is classified as indie and can be a bit difficult to get hold of. However, for those of you who are running a business in an ‘unusual’ field, you should learn from this film. Sometimes team members feel unsure when carrying out ideas that are contrary to things accepted in society, but if you are still on the right path, why should you be afraid? As a leader, Nick Naylor’s character teaches: The beauty of argument: if you argue correctly, you’re never wrong’.

7. Now You See Me (2013)

This movie is really fun! You can learn about planning, preparation, and evaluation of a job in order to achieve success. Do you know that magic tricks have to be tried many times before they can be performed? Team management is also very visible in this film, where they focus on things within the team and strategic vision. One of the challenges in managing HR is bringing together the ‘heads’ of employees who also have unique backgrounds and personality traits. You can watch this film with other members of the HRD team to find out how to handle employees.

8. Facing the Giants (2006)

Everyone has failed – even the richest billionaires or the most successful entrepreneurs – has hit a low point in life. If it has happened, how to motivate the work team to keep giving their best? Sometimes, the emotional bond between you and the workers is more reliable in these situations. However, this cannot be built overnight. It takes a long process and time to prove that you are someone who leads with heart and deserves to be followed. How to? Learn from this film!

9. Fireproof (2008)

Employees or leaders also have a personal life outside the office. Or if you build a business with your partner, you must be able to balance work and relationships. If it turns out that there an imbalance in one aspect, of course other aspects will be affected – no matter how hard you try. You should watch this one film, not only with your work team, but also with your family. You can also recommend work teams watch it with their families.

10. 5 cm (2012)

Finally, there are also Indonesian films! In normal situations, motivating employees is not a difficult thing. However, when things get hot and challenging, your team needs that extra push to get out of their comfort zone and take action. This is where it is important to instill the company’s vision in employees, so they know why they have to do their job. Apart from that, this film can inspire you to plan your next office outing, in order to create intimacy within the team.

Leadership and teamwork are very interesting themes to study, especially if you want to build a solid and long-lasting company.

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