5 Movies about Single Mother That You Really Must Watch

Movies about Single Mother – It cannot be denied that having the status of a single parent is quite difficult. Especially for women. Apart from having to educate your children and take care of the house, you still have to earn a living. Well, surely all this work is not easy, right? Apart from needing to be physically strong, you also need to have a mentality as strong as steel. So, because of that, it feels very worthy if single mothers get the title of ‘wonder woman’. Isn’t that right? Well, here are a series of films that show the struggle of a single mother in looking after her child. Of course, these films are not only emotional, but also full of morals. Do you think you’ve watched it yet? OK, let’s take a look!

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Movies about Single Mother

1. Changelings (2008)


Set in 1928, this film, directed by Clint Eastwood, tells the story of the life of Christine Collins, a single parent who struggles to raise her only child, Walter Collins.

One day, when Christine came home from work she found her child was not at home. Walter disappeared somewhere. Christine tried everything she could to find her child, including contacting the police. Unfortunately, the police actually sent a ‘surrogate child’ who was forced to admit to being Walter.

This film, starring Angelina Jolie, not only shows the sacrifice of a mother, but also depicts the conditions of legal injustice at that time. There are many dramatic and unexpected twists that will make you want to watch until the end of the film. Guaranteed you won’t be bored!

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2. The Others (2001)

The Others

The Others is a classic horror film that has a tense and moving storyline. The story is about a single mother named Grace who lives with her two children, Nicholas and Anne, in a remote village. Meanwhile, her husband had gone to war and had not yet returned.

Every day, Grace has to survive in a lonely and dark atmosphere. Her two children were diagnosed with a rare disease, where they should not be exposed to sunlight because it would irritate their skin. Like it or not, Grace has to close all the curtains in the morning. If her lonely condition isn’t enough, Grace also has to face mysterious events that occur in her house. Nicholas and Anne believe that there is a ghost in their house. Meanwhile, Grace thinks her house has been entered by an intruder.

Even though it is quite old, the film The Others presents a quality that is no joke. The twist shown is also unpredictable. Between emotion and horror fused into one.

3. Rooms (2015)

Movies about Single Mother

Successfully winning at the 2016 Oscar awards, this film entitled Room is certainly worth watching. Tells the story of a mother named Joy who lived for years with her son, Jack, in a narrow room without windows. Even though he is isolated, Joy still struggles to educate his children as best as possible. He tries to introduce Jack to the outside world through television.

But as he got older, Jack asked more and more questions. There were many things stuck in his mind. Including the figure of Old Nick, a mysterious man who always comes to his house. What’s even stranger, every time Old Nick comes, Joy asks Jack to hide. This of course makes Jack even more curious about who Nick is, and whether he is real or just imaginary.

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Hmm, I wonder what really happened in Jack and his mother’s life? You must watch it!

4. Movies about Single Mother: Dark Water (2005)

Movies about Single Mother

This film, directed by Walter Salles, is a remake of the Japanese film with the same title, or also known as Honogurai Mizu No Soko Kara. Even though it is classified as a horror genre, Dark Water has a very touching side of the story. Namely about a single mother named Dahlia William who lives alone with her daughter, Cecilia.

Dahlia decided to move into an apartment after divorcing her husband. He deliberately chose an apartment that was a bit quiet so he could find peace. But who would have thought, his new residence actually held something terrible that threatened his daughter’s life.

Its highly recommended movie! It is proven that the film Dark Water managed to make a profit of up to 50 million US dollars at that time. Oh yes, as for the ending of the film, it’s guaranteed to tear your heart apart. Get tissues ready!

5. The Babadook (2014)

Movies about Single Mother

Still in the horror genre, The Babadook is also one of the films that has achieved success. The story focuses on Amelia, a single mother who recently lost her husband in an accident. Of course, this condition made Amelia quite depressed. Plus, his son Samuel also often shows strange behavior.

Samuel always said that in his house there was a terrible monster called the Babadook. At first Amelia didn’t believe it. However, after he read a red book entitled ‘Mister Babadook’, mysterious events began to disturb his life. Slowly, Amelia’s psychological condition became increasingly down. He often experienced hallucinations, and even shouted at Samuel.

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One of the advantages of this film is the packaging of visualization and audio which can be said to be creepy, so that it can make you engrossed in a tense atmosphere. Apart from that, the characters of the players are also very strong. Especially Amelia, she tries to show the struggle of a mother who tries to protect her baby even though her own condition is also worrying.