4 Inspiring and Moving Western Films like Blind Side

Films like Blind Side – Inspiration can come from anywhere, including inspiring western films. Many of them are inspired by true stories, these films make the audience aware that there are people who are less fortunate, but continue to struggle. Film observer Roger Ebert once said that films are like windows and walls that exist in the space and time box of human life. All allow humans to enter the world of other humans.

The Blind Slide is a sports biographical drama film adapted from the book The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game. This inspiring and touching film is inspired by the true story of offensive lineman from the National Football League (NFL), Michael Oher. The story begins when a black boy was born into a poor family. He has high dreams of becoming an American football player.

The boy named Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron) only received formal education for a short time. His father and mother were drug addicts and had to be separated. One time, little Oher went to a gym. There, he just looked for a warm place to take shelter. Unexpectedly, the moment of change for Oher occurred here. He meets Leigh Anne Tuohy (Sandra Bullock). After the meeting, Anne asked Oher to stay at her house. Oher agrees. Anne then adopted Oher as her son.

One day, he found out that his adopted son had dreams of becoming a soccer athlete. Oher, who was often doubted about being an athlete, then received encouragement from his new mother and finally managed to become a successful athlete. This film led Sandra Bullock to win the Best Performance Actress in a Leading Role award at the Oscars.

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Films like Blind Side

1. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

Films like Blind Side

The Pursuit of Happyness tells the story of a father named Chris Gardner (Will Smith) who dared to take up an offer to become a medical equipment salesman. He spent all his savings to buy a lot of medical equipment. He started offering the tool to many people, but no one was interested. Unfortunately, he no longer had any money. He was confused because he was starting to run out of money.

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Difficulties increased when Chris was unable to support his household. His wife couldn’t stand it, then left Chris and his son.

Instead of giving up, Chris chose to get up and try his luck in another job for the sake of his child. He started a new career as a stockbroker. He had to swallow bitter pills many times. Until one day, he couldn’t even afford to pay the rent. Long story short, he kept fighting and finally succeeded. Chris even created his own brokerage company. This film, which tells the story of Gardner’s one year struggle, makes The Pursuit of Happyness one of the best inspirational films.

2. Films like Blind Side: Forrest Gump (1994)

Films like Blind Side

The western film that inspired this one will make you familiar with the cry of “Run, Forest, run!” which was said by the main character’s friend, Jeny. Just like the title, the main character is named Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks). Forest has a below average IQ and is often the target of bullying from other people.

His meeting with Jeny opens up ripples of love. Starting from feeling comfortable, becoming a pair of friends. Even so, Forest’s love was not welcomed. Jeny already considered Forrest to be her best friend. However, Forest never had a problem with that. Even though he is often taken advantage of, he is always there when Jeny needs help, both material and moral.

Forest lives with his mother in a cabin in Alabama. His mother always taught little Forrest to be confident even though he had physical limitations. One thing he remembers most from his mother is that life is like a chocolate box. Forrest’s limitations actually lead him on an extraordinary life journey. He also succeeded in having a good influence on the people around him.

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3. Life is Beautiful (1997)

Films like Blind Side

Life is Beautiful tells the story of Guido Orefice (Roberto Benigni), a Jew from Italy who falls in love with a girl named Dora. He started trying to win Dora’s heart, even though the woman had actually been matched with another man.

Dora is a teacher at a school. One time, Guido came to the school where Dora taught and made a fool of himself. Their togetherness continues until they fall in love. They later married and had a child. Throughout their journey, this family was so happy. However, the second world war changed everything.

Guido, who is a Jew, is arrested and goes to prison. Dora didn’t know that at first. Guido is already on the train and about to leave for the shelter when Dora decides to catch up. The three of them reached the shelter. However, Guido had to be separated from his wife because of regulations that separated male and female prisoners.

Guido’s son who went there kept asking questions and Guido lied to him. Instead of telling the truth that they were being detained, Guido instead told the child that they were in a game arena.

Life is Beautiful became one of the highest-grossing non-English language films of all time and received praise from many parties. The film even won the Grand Prix at the 1998 Cannes Film Festival, nine David Awards, five Nastro d’Argento Awards in Italy, two European Film Awards, and three Academy Awards.

4. Films like Blind Side: Rush (2013)

Films like Blind Side

Rush is a western film based on a true story. This film tells the story of the competition between two leading world champions in car racing, Formula 1, in the 1970s. They are Niki Lauda and James Hunt. Hunt is a confident person. Meanwhile, Lauda is a genius, cool and calculating man who always relies on practice and pays attention to precision. The story begins during a Formula 3 race in London, England. They compete fiercely for the first time. Their car lost control before Hunt managed to emerge as champion in the race.

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Long story short, both of them joined cool car teams in Formula 1. Lauda joined the Ferrari team, while Hunt joined the McLaren team. Lauda dominated the first two races, while Hunt struggled to catch up. One time, Hunt managed to win the Spanish Grand Prix, but he was disqualified after the race because the car he was using was too wide and that was against the rules.

Until finally, tragedy occurred in the German Grand Prix race. Lauda asked the committee to cancel the race. However, Hunt thinks Lauda is trying to make a profit by reducing one race series.

The race was underway and Lauda had an accident on the third lap. He was immediately rushed to hospital. After recovering, Hunt felt emotional when he saw his rival and friend return to the racing arena. The western film that inspired this one was released on September 27 2013 with a duration of 123 minutes. Rush even achieved financial success because with a production cost of US$38 million, this film was able to make a profit of US$98.2 million.