Movies, Series and Documentaries About Tigers

Movies About Tigers – The relationship between humans and tigers has widely discussed in films, they cinema films, documentaries, or television series (and the like). Here are movies, series and documentaries about tigers that are quite interesting to watch.

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Movies About Tigers

1. A Tiger Walks

A Tiger Walks

This a 1964 film made by Disney, which tells the story of a tiger that gets loose in a small town. Everyone in the town wanted the tiger dead. There is only one person who wants to save him. She is the daughter of the town sheriff.

2. The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book

The film adaptation of the novel by Rudyard Kipling tells the story of a boy named Mowgli who lives with a pack of wolves, raised by a bear, and befriends a leopard. However, in that forest, a Bengal tiger named Shere Kahn targeted him because he thought humans were the enemy of the forest and everything in it. The Jungle Book film made by Disney twice, namely in 1967 in animated form and in 2016 in live action or adventure.

3. Siegfried & Roy: The Miracle

Siegfried & Roy: The Miracle

Siegfried and Roy are magicians who have been a couple since 1960. This film tells the story of apart from their friendship, also an incident that occurred on October 3, 2003 where their pet tiger, which was featured in a show in Las Vegas, attacked them both.

4. Tiger Queen

Tiger Queen

This is a 60-minute documentary film by National Geography that successfully presents Machli, a very famous tigress in India, which has never filmed before.

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5. Life of Pi

Life of Pi

Pi and the rest of the Patel family attempt to move to Canada from Pondicherry, India. On the ship they were traveling on, there were also several animals that they had chosen from the small zoo they had. Hit by a storm, their ship sank. Only Pi and Richard Parker, a male Bengal tiger, left adrift in the ocean. This film made in 2012.

6. India: Kingdom of Tigers

Movies About Tigers

A documentary film that shows the efforts of Jim Corbett, a British hunter and nature lover, in saving a village from the threat of a tiger which often preys on humans.

7. Two Brothers

Movies About Tigers

This beautiful film tells the story of two tiger cubs who were separated and then captured by humans. Adventure genre films aimed more at upholding the positive values of a family. This film, which released in 2004, has a conflict between two tigers who actually brothers and sisters who have to face each other as enemies.

8. The Tiger Next Door

Movies About Tigers

Maybe this is the right film to see how dirty business is under the guise of environmental conservation, especially wildlife. This documentary focuses on Dennis Hill, who works as a breeder and seller of tiger cubs in Indiana, United States. Even though this is a documentary, it contains some quite dramatic things.

9. Man-eating Tigers of the Sundarbans

Movies About Tigers

Sundarbans is a national park in West Bengal, India. Every year nearly 50 national park officers or people entering national parks are killed due to tiger attacks. This documentary film made by the BBC shows the conflict between humans and tigers around the Sundarbans national park, which is a forest reserve for tigers.