Synopsis Of Raya and the Last Dragon Movie (2021)

Raya and the Last Dragon – A young girl travels to the four regions to collect dragon gem shards and search for the whereabouts of the last dragon in order to restore the past glory of her people as well as to exterminate an evil spirit that destroys human life.

Raya and the Last Dragon an animated adventure film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios which takes references from the cultures of nations in Southeast Asia. This film by directors Don Hall and Carlos Lopez Estrada released on March 5, 2021 in over 2,000 American theaters and on Disney+ Premier Access due to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic.

As citizens of Indonesia, which is one of the countries in Southeast Asia, of course we are very enthusiastic about welcoming this film which we really hope will feature the ethnic culture of our country as one of the references in the film. Intrigued by this film? Check out our review below.

Raya and the Last Dragon

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Synopsis Raya and the Last Dragon

Raya, the crown princess of the Heart tribe, sets out on a journey to find the end of a river which believed to the whereabouts of Sisu, the last dragon who once saved Kumandra from Druun, an evil spirit who destroyed human life and turned them into stone statues 5000 years ago. Druun reappeared 6 years ago and turned Chief Benja, Raya’s father, and his people into statues.

Raya manages to summon Sisu to attend

At the end of the last river he had searched for, in the territory of the Tail tribe, Raya managed to summon Sisu to attend. They then run out of the place because they chased by Namaari, the crown princess of the Fang tribe. Raya and Sisu manage to escape from Namaari’s pursuit by boarding a restaurant boat owned by Boun, a boy entrepreneur from the Tail tribe.

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They headed for the territory of the Talon tribe in search of other pieces. The dragon jewel in Raya’s hand stolen by a group of con artists led by a baby named Little Noi. Sisu is almost tricked into becoming food for the Druun by the evil Talon chieftain, but saved by Raya at just the right time, and they also manage to snatch the coveted dragon jewel fragment.

With Little Noi and company joining forces, they headed for the Spine tribe’s territory. They had to face a knight named Tong who turned out to be the last person from his tribe who survived the Druun attack. Namaari and troops come to surround them, but Tong helps them back into the boat while Raya advances to confront Namaari.

Raya and the Last Dragon

Sisu is present when Raya feels cornered in the fight

When Raya cornered in the fight, Sisu appears before Namaari which makes him stunned, because he himself a Sisu devotee and actually has the same hopes as Raya about the future of their nation. They had escaped and were now headed for the Fang tribe territory which had strong defenses.

Sisu comes up with the idea of allying with Namaari to get the last piece of the dragon jewel instead of taking it with their powers. After sending Little Noi and his group to deliver the dragon necklace to Namaari, the next day he came to see Raya and Sisu. There is still a bit of doubt in Raya’s heart that makes her attack Namaari.

Namaari’s arrow slipped from his hand and penetrated Sisu’s body causing Sisu to fall into the lake and die. The lake water immediately dried up and made the Druun push into the territory of the Fang tribe. Raya and her friends are trying their best to save the tribesmen by using the dragon jewel pieces in their hands.

Raya and the Last Dragon

Raya returns to her tribe

Until in the end they could no longer block the power of the Druun. Raya remembered Sisu’s story when she was able to exterminate the Druun, namely by mutual trust. Raya then handed over the dragon jewel in her hand to Namaari who then followed by her other friends. Unfortunately, all of them then couldn’t avoid the Druun and became statues.

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When the dragon gems were reunited, their power immediately brought down rain and made Druun annihilated. In effect, everyone who became a statue returned to normal, including the dragon nation who for thousands of years had been a statue. Likewise Sisu came back to life.

Raya returns to her tribe and finds her father back to normal. Sisu was also present and brought all representatives from each tribe to reunite into one great nation, Kumandra.