Best Movies Like the Mummy You Must Watch !

Movies Like the Mummy – For fans of mummy films, The Mummy (2017) has started showing in cinemas starting June 7 2017. And it turns out, there are lots of films that tell stories about the existence of this mummy! Where it came from and how the figure of the mummy so feared as a monster from the desert country, Egypt, the main themes that often made into films. Come on, take a peek at the following article, apart from The Mummy (2017), these 5 films also tell the story of mummies and the mystical powers of Ancient Egypt!

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Movies Like the Mummy

1. The Mummy (1999)

This film a recycling of the film Mummy which released in 1932. Tells the journey of Rick O’Connol (Brendan Fraser), an adventurer and leader of the Foreign Legion who assigned to Egypt. Unexpectedly, they died because they were attacked by mysterious forces and Rick the only one still alive. Rick’s journey doesn’t stop here, he even arrives at a place, namely Humanaputra City, aka the city of the dead.

Until one day two brothers asked Rick to go to Humanaputra City to find the book “Book of The Living”.

It is said that the book holds secrets about the life of Ancient Egypt and they trying to find the book in the hope of uncovering a secret and getting treasure. It turns out that another group is also trying to take this book.

However, their arrival caused a lot of carelessness which made the mummy figure wake up from his sleep to take revenge and it actually became a disaster for the world.

2. Movies Like the Mummy: The Mummy Returns (2001)

The follow-up story to The Mummy in 1999, tells of husband and wife Rick (Brendan Fraser), (Rachel Weisz) and their son Alex (Freddie Both), continuing their journey in search of historical artifacts. Until they find a mysterious ancient bracelet left by the Scorpion King.

In the past, the Scorpion King died because he sold his soul to the wolf-headed god, Anubis. Reportedly, whoever manages to master the bracelet will find the Scorpion King’s tomb and be able to raise him from the dead. Unexpectedly, after getting it, the bracelet was put on the child, Alex. Knowing this, several groups of bracelet thieves kidnapped Alex to take him away with the bracelet.

The evil intention of this group of criminals is not just to steal the bracelet, but also to resurrect the evil mummy to rule the world.

3. The Mummy Resurrected (2014)

Not far from the mummy, this film tells the story of a team of archaeologists who went to Egypt to look for the tomb of an ancient mummy. Well, what they didn’t know was that the tomb had a curse that could make people who went there lose their lives. The death process experienced is also very scary. One by one, the team of archaeologists died unnaturally, bleeding black blood from their mouths, noses and ears.

4. Day of the Mummy (2014)

Maybe a bit different from other mummy films. Day of The Mummy broadly tells the story of a treasure hunter named Jack Wells who in his search finds a diamond known as the Stone Codex. So, because of this, Jack decided to join archaeologists who were exploring Neferu’s tomb in Egypt.

Neferu himself an evil pharaoh who killed by his brother.

It said that the diamond deliberately planted in Neferu’s chest, so that he would continue to suffer. And, the bad news that Neferu will rise when his tomb opened and he will look for humans as victims.

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