Breakout Movie 2023 Cast and Synopsis, You Should Watch !

Breakout Movie 2023 Cast and Synopsis – What’s the story of a criminal in prison who meets a former Black Ops agent?

The film Breakout is known for release on April 11, 2023. Breakout carries the Action, Crime, and Thriller genres and was produced by Furst Class Productions, JCB Pictures, and Jaguar Motion Pictures.

This Breakout film will star talented talent with extraordinary acting, namely Louis Mandylor, Kristos Andrews and Brian Krause.

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Breakout Movie 2023 Cast and Synopsis

  • IMDB Rating: 4.7/10
  • Year: 2023
  • Director: Brandon Slagle
  • Authors: Robert Thompson, Brandon Slagle, and Devanny Pinn
  • Genre: Action, Crime, and Thriller
  • Release Date: April 11, 2023
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • Film Produced by: Furst Class Productions, JCB Pictures, and Jaguar Motion Pictures
  • Film duration: 1 hour 26 minutes
Breakout Movie 2023 Cast and Synopsis

Breakout Movie Cast (2023)

  1. Louis Mandylor
  2. Kristos Andrews
  3. Brian Krause

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Synopsis Breakout (2023)

When Terry Reynolds’ stepson Daniel is framed and sentenced to 25 years in a foreign country, Reynolds devises a daring jailbreak to save him and must overcome an overzealous prison warden in a race against time to avoid capture and escape the country.

Breakout Movie 2023 Cast and Synopsis

Breakout Movie Review (2023)

Vincent (Andrews) takes a stand and kills undercover officer Chavez (Gugliemi) at the end of a chase in which his partner is killed, leaving him in jail for the foreseeable future. Breakout has a frigid open that, despite being all too prevalent these days, doesn’t linger too long on unimportant elements. Alex (Mandylor), Vincent’s father, learns about this and arrives in a flash. While his escape attempt is being developed, prisoner Chandler (Krause) is undergoing an internal parole hearing. The movie benefits from simplicity because each of the plot lines is cleverly connected, allowing Slagle to prepare for the second half.

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Chandler releases the inmates and gives them the opportunity to choose sides before the police, lead by Coleman (Sizemore), come because he now has indirect authority owing to Ruke (McNair) and others. Naturally, it doesn’t take long for them to surround the prison before Alex contacts them and imitates McClane’s behavior. From this point on, Breakout’s plot and progression are largely standard; Alex fights Chandler while Coleman puts off demands, but the film’s clever and direct first third and a change in allegiance give it an advantage over competitors who believe they were the first to depict an escape on screen.

Alex’s past is vague, as is to be anticipated for a movie like this, but it includes travels to several nations on missions that aren’t even documented. He was (and still is) attempting to make amends for not being the father he desired to be by freeing his son from prison. Vincent, on the other hand, has quickly matured and, in the absence of competent leadership, has run into problems. Mandylor and Andrews have chemistry together, and they both do fine acting, but the script’s characterization is hardly passable.


That’s the best synopsis for the film Breakout (2023) that I can give. To watch this Breakout movie, you advised not to watch it on pirated websites. Enjoy watching!