Deadpool Movie 2016 Synopsis: Silly Superhero Stories

Deadpool Movie Synopsis – Superhero characters are generally synonymous with traits and characters who are brave, cool, brave, and willing to sacrifice for the sake of truth or to save other people’s lives. However, this character will not found in the figure of Deadpool, who admits that he indeed a super, but not a hero.

Deadpool may be one of Marvel’s most unique superhero characters. Apart from being different, his silly behavior will also cause laughter from anyone who watches it. For those of you who want to see superheroes in a different form, the Deadpool film must be on your watch list.

Deadpool Movie Synopsis

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Deadpool Movie Synopsis

The Deadpool film is actually a spin off of the X-Men series. The character Deadpool first appeared as a cameo in the film X-Men Origins: Wolverine. However, in the film, Deadpool’s origins not explained. Therefore, in this first solo film, we will invited to get to know the figure of Deadpool.

The person behind Deadpool’s mask a young man named Wade Wilson, a former soldier who dishonorably discharged. He in a relationship with a woman named Vanessa and lives a life that he thinks is quite happy. Until one day, Wade Wilson diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Wade Wilson decides to leave Vanessa. He then met someone who offered him to become a cancer drug trial patient. Wade Wilson agreed to the offer. He injected with a serum designed to awaken mutant genes by someone named Ajax or Francis.

Deadpool Movie Synopsis

Wade Wilson who experienced torture

Wade Wilson also experienced torture for days which made him stressed to trigger the mutation that would occur in him, but to no avail. When he found out that the person who injected the serum into his body named Francis, Wade mocked him and made Francis leave him alone in the experimental room.

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Wade Wilson began to feel short of breath. Apparently, his body had reacted and activated the ability to fight cancer cells. Wade Wilson also survived and recovered from cancer, but he suffered severe disfigurement and burns all over his body. He escapes from his room and attacks Ajax, but Ajax convinces him that he can cure his disability.

When Wade was off guard, Ajax attacked him and left Wade in the laboratory which was now on fire. However, Wade Wilson, who now has super abilities, managed to survive. He looked for Vanessa’s whereabouts, but did not dare to meet her because he afraid that Vanessa would not able to accept his physical condition, which was now disabled.

Deadpool Movie Synopsis

Wade Wilson decides to look for Ajax

After consulting with his best friend, Weasel, Wade Wilson decides to look for Ajax to get a cure for his disability. He then changed his identity to Deadpool and wore a red costume with a mask. Deadpool then stays at the house of a blind woman named Al.

This movie began to hunt down and kill all of Ajax’s men that he managed to find until he finally met Ajax on a toll road. Deadpool gets even more brutal and kills everyone except Ajax. When he about to demand Ajax to cure him, his action was blocked by two mutants who suddenly arrived.

They are the X-Men Colossus and a mutant intern Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Colossus invites Deadpool to improve his nature and join the X-Men. When Deadpool disturbed by Colossus, Ajax ran away again and kidnapped Vanessa. Knowing that Vanessa kidnapped, Deadpool followed her along with Colossus and Negasonic.

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Deadpool Movie Synopsis: The fight begins

When Deadpool arrived at the place where Vanessa kidnapped, he and Colossus and Negasonic fought against Ajax and Angel Dust. Ajax, who was cornered by Deadpool, then said honestly that he had no cure for Deadpool’s disability. After making sure Vanessa was safe, Deadpool killed Ajax even though Colossus had forbidden it.

Deadpool can finally return to Vanessa. Even though Vanessa was angry because Wade Wilson suddenly left her, the couple finally made up. Vanessa also accepts that Wade Wilson’s condition has now changed.