Don’t Breathe 2, The Story of a Blind Grandfather Saving the Girl

Don’t Breathe 2 repeats the success of the first Don’t Breathe, which released in 2016, and is even more gripping. Now directed by Rodo Sayagues, this film still displays sadistic scenes full of blood, according to its trademark.

For lovers of thriller and mystery films, of course you already know the film Don’t Breathe, right? One of the most attention-grabbing characters in this film is the blind old man, Norman Nordstrom. Synopsis Don’t Breathe 2 presents a sequel to the story of an old man who fights for a girl.

This sequel to Don’t Breathe will bring back the character left over from the first Don’t Breathe, namely the terrible Norman Nordstrom. The story offered in Don’t Breathe 2 is arguably far more humane than the previous film, although there are still sadistic scenes.

don't breathe 2

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Don’t Breathe 2 Synopsis

The terrible terror of the war veteran’s blind grandfather will come back to haunt you through the sequel, Don’t Breathe 2. In Don’t Breathe 2, you will not find any other character who appeared in the first Don’t Breathe besides Norman Nordstrom’s blind grandfather, who became a separate icon in this film.

Don’t Breathe 2 set eight years after a house fire. The main character of this film, Norman Nordstrom, or Blind Man, moves to a small cottage in a secluded place to escape the pursuit of the police and those who know him.

This time, Blind Man lives with an 11-year-old girl named Phoenix. Phoenix is very close to the main character, who thinks of him as his own child. Phoenix himself rescued by the Blind Man from a burning house.

don't breathe 2

Norman Nordstrom, who really loves Phoenix, teaches him various things to survive. He is so afraid of losing Phoenix that he forbids her from going out of the house without Nordstrom’s supervision. One day, Phoenix invited by Hernandez to go downtown. While downtown, Phoenix visits his burned-down house in memory of his mother, whom he believed had died.

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After leaving the city center, it turned out that Phoenix actually being followed by several unknown people. The person’s main target was actually Norman Nordstrom. The group of criminals then infiltrated Nordstrom’s home to kidnap Phoenix.

The actions of those who infiltrated Norman Nordstrom’s house inevitably pushed Nordstrom to return to his old, notorious figure, the Blind Man. He also put out all his power and efforts to save his beloved adopted daughter, Phoenix, from criminals. However, it turns out that the storyline for the sequel to Don’t Breathe isn’t that simple. The audience will surprised by a big secret that the Blind Man from Phoenix is hiding.

don't breathe 2

List of Don’t Breathe 2 Movie Players

The following is a list of actresses and actors who starred in Don’t Breathe 2:

1. Stephen Lang

Stephen Lang returns to play the main character, the phenomenal Norman Nordstrom, who managed to spread terror in the first Don’t Breathe film.

Even though in the sequel, Blind Man talks a lot and shows his loving side, Stephen Lang’s cool acting manages to create horror and fear for those who witness it.

2. Madelyn Grace

Child actor Madelyn Grace will play the character Phoenix in this film. Phoenix depicted as a brave little girl who is also not afraid of criminals.

Even though she is still a child, Madelyn Grace’s character cannot underestimated. His acting looks very natural and supports the tension when the criminals chase him.

3. Stephanie Arcila

Stephanie Arcila plays Hernandez, who is said to be very close to the Nordstorm and Phoenix families. He acts as a flower delivery boy.

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4. Brendan Sexton III

Actor Brendan Sexton III will play Raylan. Raylan is one of the criminals who tries to kidnap Phoenix and is involved in selling organs.