Review Bunker Film 2022, Thriller Horror by Adrian Langley !

Review Bunker Film. A new World War I horror film called BUNKER pays homage to classic fright flicks. or vintage films in general. You’ll notice something from the opening credits and the musical selection. It’s a little too long, but it’s still wonderful. Here is our complete Bunker film review!

A new horror film called BUNKER is being released in theaters. It happens in the midst of World War I. As the title suggests, a large portion of it occurs in a bunker. Some people might find this a little too cramped, however this isn’t a tiny bunker, so aside from the lack of daylight, the view does change a little bit.

Review Bunker Film

Anything that occurs during the First World War (or the Second, for that matter) makes me feel innately uneasy. I honestly thought the frightening addition of “an ungodly presence” wasn’t essential in this specific movie.

That I find the horror of war more terrifying than anything supernatural is obviously a matter of personal choice, but it certainly holds true in the context of this story. I’ll come back to that) and thought it was a little bit too long. I also wasn’t fond about all the acting. Apart from that, I found this movie to be both entertaining and unsettling. Which, of course, is a good thing!


Director: Adrian Langley
Writer: Michael Huntsman
Cast: Eddie Ramos, Luke Baines, Sean Cullen, Roger Clark, Julian Feder, Kevin Tanski, Patrick Moltane, Kayla Radomski, Quinn Moran

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Review Bunker Film: War is a hell that never ends.

Although Bunker takes place near the conclusion of World War I, it is in no way a “war-loving” story. However, when was the last time you saw a World War I or World War II movie? especially if it belongs to the horror category. We see a group of American and British soldiers in Bunker who are merely trying to survive while following orders.

Review Bunker Film

They are forced to run while doing this, and when they do, they end up stranded inside an abandoned bunker with a German POW. They wait for rescue while stranded underground in the midst of a conflict as an evil presence takes control. As a result, everyone’s perceptions are warped and their minds are further confused.

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There is a peculiar material that closely resembles semen as well. particularly when it falls on someone’s face. I’m sorry, but I feel the need to say it. When we’re talking about men being cooped up together and being very manly and “in charge” of one another, I can’t just dismiss that kind of imagery.

Although it doesn’t play a significant role in the plot, this does show when the evil presence is having an impact on the characters. We’ll see.

A fresh production with classic cinema styling

Undoubtedly, the brand-new horror film Bunker pays homage to classic horror films. or actually just vintage films in general. You’ll notice this, I assure you, from both the opening credits’ design and musical selection. In fact, right down to how often the music is extremely loud and at times seems violent. This was definitely extremely planned, in my opinion.

Overall, I liked the nostalgic (or classic) vibe of this World War I-era drama. The acting seemed a bit erratic, which was my one criticism of it. Okay, “all over the place” is a little (or a lot) too extreme.

Review Bunker Film

Lt. Turner (Patrick Moltane), one of the main characters, in particular, seemed to have been told to go all out on the extravagant theatrics. He occasionally had a voice that cracked when he barked orders, making him sound almost cartoonish. To me, the only way this style of acting can succeed is if everyone buys into it.

The British accent was also problematic; it came off as forced and unnatural. No matter the actor’s country, none of the other characters had this problem. To be clear, I did like how well the entire group performed. I guess because the styles were so different, it just didn’t “gel” for me.

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Luke Baines (Under the Silver Lake, Truth or Dare) was outstanding as always. For the most of the movie, he has a significant role but few lines. Luke Baines is fortunately the kind of performer who can convey a lot without ever saying a word.