Wreck It Ralph, The Story of Two Friends Who Finally Agreed

Wreck It Ralph. Being friends doesn’t always mean having the same dream. After traveling far from where they came from, it turns out that Venellope no longer has the same goal as Ralph: getting back home.

The film, directed by Rich Moore and Phil Johnston, tells the story of two best friends, Ralph (John C. Reily) and Venellope (Sarah Silvermandan). They must go to the internet to save Venellope’s game, Sugar Rush, which is broken.

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Wreck It Ralph

Synopsis Wreck it Ralph

Since successfully saving Sugar Rush from insects and Turbo attacks, Ralph lives happily with the residents in the game Fix It Felix Jr. He also gets closer to Venellope, the driving girl from the game Sugar Rush.

One day, Venellope expressed his boredom with the tracks and games in Sugar Rush to Ralph. Therefore, Ralph created a new path for Venellope. So happy is Venellope that she no longer obeys the wishes of the little girls who play the game. Surprised by this, the little girl tried very hard to steer Venellope’s car by turning the steering wheel as hard as she could. Unintentionally, he also broke the steering wheel of the Sugar Rush arcade game.

Then Mr. Litwak, the arcade owner, unplugged the Sugar Rush arcade. The kids who played the game suggested buying parts on eBay, but they were too expensive. Venellope and the residents of Sugar Rush panic because, after their game was cancelled, they no longer have a place to live.

Wreck It Ralph

Ralph feels Guilty

Ralph was very sad and felt guilty because Vanellope looked so gloomy. With some help from Felix, Ralph comes up with the idea to go online and buy a wheel on eBay.

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Ralph also invites Venellope to enter the Wi-Fi installed by Mr. Litwak. They eventually made it through the router and onto the internet. They found the steering wheel parts on eBay. To get it, they have to pay a high price. However, they have no money at all.

Ralph and Vanellope then meet Spamley to play video games to earn money. Spamley suggests they go to a wild racing game, Slaughter Race, and steal Shank’s car to win the game. Unfortunately, they failed to win the game. Even so, Venellope’s driving skills amazed Shank.

Wreck It Ralph

Shank is not angry

Instead of getting mad at Venellope and Ralph for their actions, Shank orders them to meet a web entrepreneur named Yesss, Head of Algorithm of a website builder called “BuzzTube,” to make money. Together with Yesss, Ralph and Venellope came up with the idea to upload funny and quirky videos on BuzzTube.

The video he uploaded received a positive response from netizens, but not a few also gave bad comments. It was from there that Ralph learned that the internet is not only positive but also negative when used by irresponsible people.

After trying various ways to get money, it turns out that Venellope still wants to stay longer in Shank’s game. His friendship with Ralph is also tested. Ralph disapproves of Venellope’s wishes. He also ruined the Slaughter Race by spreading the Arthur virus, a very dangerous virus.

Wreck It Ralph

Venellope is very angry and disappointed.

Vanellope was very angry and disappointed with Ralph’s actions and left him. Ralph was very sad. Ralph’s code was detected by Arthur, which caused the emergence of the Wreck-it Ralph virus. The virus impersonates Ralph and chases Venellope. The internet is broken; netizens can’t log in to any site. More and more Wreck-it Ralph viruses Ralph, Vanellope, and Yesss try to exterminate it, but their efforts fail. Ralph’s clone manages to get Venellope, and Ralph comes to his rescue.

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After that, Ralph and Venellope had a nice talk about Ralph’s clone virus. Ralph said he was willing if Venellope wanted to stay longer in the Slaughter Race. “Good friends don’t always have to be together; good friends don’t stop their friends’ dreams; and friendship doesn’t end just because of distance,” he said.

So, how will their friendship continue? So, this film that teaches the meaning of friendship is suitable for viewing by all groups. Make sure you watch it too, OK? Enjoy watching!