Film Review The Core (2003) Movie, Big Disaster on Earth

Review The Core Movie – After the films Deep Impact and Armageddon, now a film that tells about the catastrophe on earth is back. The film is called The Core. The film The Core itself is a science fiction film that aired in 2003 and was directed by Jon Amiel, who is even better known as a director specializing in drama films.

This film with a budget of $ 85 million must be patient because the overall profits do not cover the production budget. From its worldwide screenings, this 135-minute film was only able to close at $74 million. Curious as to what the film? Check out the synopsis and reviews below!

Review The Core Movie

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Scientific Inaccuracies

Did you know that the film The Core has received harsh criticism for the scientific inaccuracies that occur during the plot? The main point of this film the rescue carried out by scientists who collaborate with the US government in dealing with cases of stopping the earth’s rotation due to a malfunctioning liquid core.

However, in movies, people still casually think about how to make the earth’s core active again, even though if this happened in real life, the entire earth thrown. Just imagine, the earth rotates at a speed of 1.770km/jam and suddenly stops.

It’s like getting into a car and suddenly pressing the brakes. This conveyed by a geologist at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, America named James Zimbelman.

Review The Core Movie

Review The Core Movie: Rare Metals

The metal used and often mentioned in this film called Unobtainium. But do those rare metals actually exist in the real world? And is the ability of the metal the same as that which informed in the film where the Unobtainium metal is able to convert heat and pressure into great electrical power?

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The answer is nothing! Unobtainium isn’t a real element, but the word Unobtainium itself really exists! The word Unobtainium itself has used since the 1950s by engineers and scientists to refer to materials that cannot obtained to solve certain engineering problems.

Review The Core Movie

Worst Science Movie

Although many like this film directed by Jon Amiel, in fact this film categorized as the worst scientific film ever aired. The screenwriter of this film, John Rogers, tries to defend himself but still, the answers given are floating and make this film look even more messy.

Until finally in 2009 yesterday, actor and senior filmmaker, Dustin Hoffman, led a campaign to make science films must incorporate more real science into science fiction films. Dustin himself is reportedly a member of the advisory board of the Science & Entertainment Exchange.

The institution is an institution of the United States National Academy of Sciences; which serves as a platform for scientists and entertainment industry professionals to minimize the recurrence of inaccurate science or technology such as those found in the film The Core. Wow, what do you think about this? Bacaterus himself gave a score of 2.3/5 for this film.