Spoilers! Summary of Megan Is Missing The Viral Horror Film

Megan Is Missing is a psychological horror film made in America in 2011. Following is a summary of the story. The film Megan Is Missing was discussed in the virtual world and went viral on TikTok. The film was written, directed, and co-produced by Michael Goi. As the title suggests, this film is about a few days before the disappearance of a teenager named Megan Stewart.

It is known that she was a popular high school student in her area, and at that time she decided to meet someone she knew through social media or online. Megan is a 14-year-old girl. She has a life that is quite difficult to go through.

megan is missing

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Struggle with addiction to Drugs

She had to struggle with her addiction to drugs as well as the sexual trauma she suffered. Her family condition was not like a family in general; fortunately, she had a friend named Amy.

Amy is her peer; she is a normal 14-year-old child like most teenagers. At one time, Megan and Amy had different interests from each other because their personalities were also different.

At that time, there was an argument, so everything turned bad. What was even more surprising was Megan’s disappearance. The film highlights the friendship between Megan and Amy, but at one point Amy seems to be having a hard time adjusting to Megan’s new group of friends.

One of them is the scene where Amy and Megan attend a youth party, where Megan does not hesitate to do wild things that teenagers should not do, and at that time Amy is ridiculed by Megan’s other friends, and then she chooses to leave. It was at this time that Megan started to have a friend to chat with after she and Amy had a bit of a fight. The online friend was named Josh.

megan is missing

Invited by Josh to meet

At one time, she was invited by Josh to meet, and she agreed to meet with the man. After that, Megan was gone. Even the police had difficulty finding any definite evidence or clues except for a number of pieces of CCTV footage highlighting Megan’s departure. Amy, who knew about this, tried to contact Megan’s online friend, Josh. She did that because he knew the two of them had been interacting lately.

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Finally, Amy took the initiative to conduct her own investigation. In the end, Amy was kidnapped by Josh, and the police found a video camera that recorded the two girls in bad condition. Amy, who was locked in a dungeon, was just like the situation in a dungeon. She was abused very badly by her kidnapper, and Amy was abused by the kidnapper; she was raped and forced to eat in a dog bowl. She finds Megan dead with a decomposing body in a barrel.

megan is missing

Megan is Missing : Amy ordered to get into the barrel

After the torture was over, Amy was ordered to get into the barrel where Megan’s decomposing body was promised to be freed. Finally, she complied and entered the barrel, after which the kidnapper closed the barrel and buried it in a forest.

There are a number of disturbing themes in this film, and even the graphic images that are present are difficult for ordinary horror fans to enjoy. This film focuses on horror that takes place in an ancient world, unlike the usual monsters, demons, and ghosts. In 2011, using modern technology as a tool to record everyday life was a very fresh concept. The film has various plot holes and nonsense, but that’s not its downfall.

This film is based on the concept of ‘found footage.” When you make a ‘found footage’ film, one thing you can’t put aside is good actors. However, because the acting of the actress was considered very bad, this destroyed all illusions and dropped all the experiences raised in the film. ***