Madea Goes to Jail Movie Review and Detail Synopsis

Madea Goes to Jail – This movie one of a run of comic tales centered on an elderly black woman named Madea who winds herself in jail. The title role in Madea portrayed by Tyler Perry. Madea is in court today to answer for allegedly fleeing the cops and running down the motorway. She not given a copy of her rights, so the charges withdrawn. She must go to treatment to deal with her rage, the judge ordered. Joe, Madea’s brother (also portrayed by Tyler Perry), is holding a party when she gets home. Madea scares everyone away by brandishing a weapon.

Josh, who a rising assistant district attorney, portrayed by Derek Luke. He must bring charges against Candy, a drug-dependent prostitute played by Keshia Knight Pulliam, but he finds this challenging because he knows her. Josh urges Linda Davis, who portrayed by Ion Overman and works as an assistant district attorney, to take the case as she and he engaged to married. When Linda learns that Josh is having dinner with Candy, she becomes incredibly envious. If Linda meets her again, she claims she will break the engagement.

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Madea Goes to Jail: Struggless Madea

Madea informed by Cora (Tamela J. Mann) that she likewise struggles with managing her rage. After getting cut off in traffic, Madea causes a car crash. When Madea calls Cora to discuss, Cora says she needs some alone time, which just aggravates Madea further. Madea uses a forklift to remove an automobile from a parking spot while she is at the store. The car’s owner a woman who wed to a police officer. Madea escapes before the cop can arrive. To capture her, they dispatch the SWAT unit. When Madea returns to court, the judge sentences her to ten years in prison.

Josh asks Ellen (Viola Davis), who he met from college, to assist Candy. Josh feels bad about leaving her behind after taking her to a party in the past and she gang-raped. Because of this, he wants to support her. In order to stop the man from harassing her, Ellen kicks him in the testicles after getting Candy a job interview.

Linda ensures Candy’s conviction and imprisonment

By fabricating evidence, Linda ensures Candy’s conviction and imprisonment. Linda also did this in other cases, such as the one involving Madea and Donna (Vanessa Ferlito), a friend of Candy’s. Chuck, a character played by Ronraco Lee, learns what Linda is up to but is unable to speak up because Linda is aware that Chuck lied to pass the bar exam and obtain his license.

Candy imprisoned, where she meets Donna and Madea. Candy looked after by Madea as if she were her mother, and she shields her from the more violent convicts. Additionally, Madea befriends T.T. (played by Sofia Vegara), a Latina who initially comes across as lovely before being revealed to be a serial killer. As a social worker, Ellen travels to the prison to supervise group therapy at the women’s prison. All the women go, mainly to escape their prisons. The fact that all the ladies feel like victims enrages Madea, who advises them to quit blaming others and accept responsibility for the deeds that landed them in prison. Candy has held Josh responsible for everything that has occurred to her since the gang rape, but she has now made the decision to let it go and extend forgiveness to him.

Chuck explains to Josh how Linda tampered with the case papers to ensure Candy was imprisoned for Josh and Linda’s wedding. In front of the entire congregation, including the head of the district attorney’s office there, Josh makes clear what Linda did. Josh departs from the wedding and visits Candy in prison. She hears him tell her that he still loves her. Linda is taken into custody for fabricating evidence. Their cases are dismissed, and Candy, Madea, and Donna are freed.

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