Review and Synopsis: Cheese in the Trap 2018

Thelongestfilm.comCheese in the Trap 2018 is a drama adapted from a webtoon with the same title by Soon Ggi. The drama, which airs on the tvN cable channel, attracts quite a lot of viewers because it is based on a story from a popular webtoon that depicts the relatable lives of college students as well as their unique love story.

Therefore, during their broadcast, they attracted enough public attention. The public is curious about the execution of the drama adaptation of this webtoon. So what are the interesting things presented by this drama?

Synopsis Cheese in the Trap 2018

Review and Synopsis: Cheese in the Trap 2018

Cheese in the Trap” follows the complicated relationship between Hong Seol (Kim Go-eun), a hardworking and diligent university student, and Yoo Jung (Park Hae-jin), a seemingly perfect and mysterious senior student. Yoo Jung comes from a wealthy family and has an enigmatic personality that intrigues Hong Seol.

Initially, Yoo Jung appears to be kind and caring towards Hong Seol, protecting her from bullies and offering her help. However, as their relationship deepens, Hong Seol begins to notice Yoo Jung’s manipulative and controlling side. She becomes suspicious of his motives and struggles to understand his true intentions.

As the story progresses, Hong Seol becomes entangled in a complex web of relationships involving Yoo Jung and his circle of friends. Baek In-ho (Seo Kang-joon), a talented pianist with a troubled past, becomes a central figure in the story and develops complicated feelings for Hong Seol. Meanwhile, Baek In-ha (Lee Sung-kyung), In-ho’s sister, harbors her own feelings for Yoo Jung, further complicating the dynamics between the characters.

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“Cheese in the Trap” delves into themes of trust, manipulation, and the complexities of human relationships. The drama explores the psychological aspects of its characters and their struggles with identity, ambition, and personal growth. It portrays the challenges faced by young adults as they navigate university life, career aspirations, and the pursuit of happiness.

With its intriguing storyline, complex characters, and realistic portrayal of college life, “Cheese in the Trap” gained popularity for its nuanced exploration of human behavior and the gray areas of morality.

Cheese in the Trap 2018: Relatable Campus Life

Review and Synopsis: Cheese in the Trap 2018

Unlike high school life, campus life was a theme that Korean drama producers rarely touched on at that time. Even though the stories of the lectures raised in Chee in Trap cannot be said to be 100% accurate, there are many scenes in this drama that reflect how students live to survive on campus.

One of them is when they develop a strategy to get a seat in the class they want so that their life in one semester is guaranteed. And I think almost all students can relate to this scene, either choosing their favorite lecturer’s class or avoiding morning classes.

Apart from that, there is also a scene where Seol has to face his group mates, who only share names in their group. Here it shown how Seol struggled so that his friends could participate in the group project. And Seol ends up doing his own thing because he has to get good grades to keep his scholarship.

Then Cheese in the Trap also describes the gap between new students and seniors. This drama also shows how students struggle to get good grades while maintaining their social lives on campus. As well as overcoming personal problems such as those with family and partners.

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Did you know?

Review and Synopsis: Cheese in the Trap 2018

As previously mentioned, Cheese in the Trap is an adaptation of Soon Ggi’s webtoon with the same title, which was first released in 2010. And during the broadcast of this drama, the original Webtoon had yet to reach a conclusion.

In addition, actress Bae Suzy offered to play Hong Seol, but she refused. And actress Kim Go-Eun also turned down the offer because her schedule was not suitable. However, the director asked Kim Go Eun again to accept the offer for the role of Hong Seol and adjust the shooting schedule for this drama for her. Until finally, Kim Go Eun accepted his offer.

And Cheese in the Trap is Kim Go Eun’s debut in a drama series, because previously she had only appeared on the big screen. Thanks to her acting prowess in playing the character Hong Seol, Kim Go Eun won the title of “Best New Actress” at the prestigious BaekSang Arts Awards in 2016.