Summary About the Boss Baby Full Movie

Thelongestfilm.comBoss Baby Full Movie. This animated comedy genre film directed by Tom McGrath tells the story of a baby who has intelligence that no other baby has. The Boss Baby tells the story of a 7-year-old boy named Tim (Miles Christopher Bakshi), who has a happy life because of the love of his parents. However, everything changed after the arrival of a smart baby (Alec Baldwin).

Boss Baby Full Movie

about the boss baby full movie

The arrival of this bright baby has captured the attention and affection of Tim’s parents. The team felt jealous and tried to find out who the baby was. His suspicions were confirmed when he heard the baby speak like an adult, and he introduced himself as Baby Boss. Tim wants to prove this to his parents and tries to win back their love (Jimmy Kimmel and Lisa Buscemi).

Tim did everything to prove his suspicions, which made him hate Baby Boss even more. However, Tim’s hatred for the baby actually made him feel punished by his parents. Feeling sorry, the smart baby also told Tim the truth: he was a messenger from Baby Corp. Its mission is to stop the business of Puppy Co., an organization that intends to make dogs the preferred members of the family. Because it makes babies unwanted in a family and weakens Baby Corp.’s business.

Due to the short time to carry out the mission, Tim is willing to help Boss Baby. The storyline of this film begins to reach its climax when the leader of Puppy Co. a figure respected by Baby Boss, Francis E. Francis (Steve Buscemi). Out of spite for being fired, he intends to destroy Baby Corp. The storyline is even more exciting when the team and boss babies work together to stop Francis.

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Boss Baby Full Movie: Reported by Publisher Weekly

about the boss baby full movie

According to Publisher Weekly, the comedy film The Boss Baby adapted from a book by Marla Frazee, which released in 2010. This book won several awards, one of which was the “Caldecott Medal”, an award for illustrators from the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) and the American Library Association (ALA).

This film stars well-known celebrities such as Alec Baldwin, who starred in Mission Impossible 5, Steve Buscemi, who played the Hotel Transylvania series, Jimmy Kimmel, who also appeared in Pitch Perfect 2, and Lisa Kudrow, who played The Girl on the Train. FYI, this film will narrated by Tobey Maguire, who played the first version of Spider-Man in 2002, and will tell the story of Tim’s past.

The Boss Baby film scheduled to broadcast with its tagline, “Born Leader”. This film is ready to entertain the whole family. Through this film, DreamWorks Animation will present the conflict of how a minor who is comfortable with the love and attention of his parents feels jealous because that affection suddenly disappears because of the arrival of a new family member. There are many moral messages in the film The Boss Baby. One of them is about love, which is an unlimited power. Anyway, this film is really suitable for all ages.