Review and Synopsis Series Girl From No Where Season 1

Girl From No Where – After The Stranded, I think the Thai drama series that airs on Netflix and is quite good to watch comes from Girl From Nowhere. This drama was actually broadcast in Thailand in 2018, but was only presented on Netflix in 2020, even so, the shows presented in each episode are still very relevant to today’s life.

High school life is full of problems. Starting from cases of bullying, sexual harassment, obsession with being the first and others. If generally Thai dramas often present drama wrapped in comedy, not this time. Girl From Nowhere will give the audience a drama with a thriller genre.

You will be nervous and tired because you keep thinking about what might happen in each episode. With a total of 13 episodes in the first season, I’m sure you won’t regret following this drama series!

Girl From No Where

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Synopsis Girl From No Where

Nanoo (Chicha Amatayakul) is a mysterious girl who came from nowhere. Like a ghost in the form of an angel, she appeared as a high school student at each different school. She appeared to solve every problem at the school. Dark cases that are taboo to talk about are always successfully solved by Nanoo. Not reluctant, Nanoo can even ‘finish’ the perpetrator.

Girl From No Where

The words finish here, don’t mean really die. This means that the perpetrator’s life will no longer be the same, aka it will fall apart. Starting from career, family, friends and other relationships, Nanoo destroyed it. However, Nanoo’s plans sometimes make many people sick, even those who don’t understand the root of the problem.

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Each episode of this drama series always presents new problems. In the first episode, Nanoo succeeded in exposing the depravity of the teacher at his school, in the second episode, Nanoo made his 5 friends crazy to pay for what the five of them did to Nanoo. Episode 3 when Nanoo dismantles a copy cut of someone’s work. Followed by other episodes that will make you curious.

Nanoo the Mysterious Girl

From the start of the drama, I was curious, like seriously curious, about this Nanoo. Because suddenly she came and immediately knew what was the problem at the school he visited, even though previously there was no story about Nanoo. About who she is, what she does with his life, why she has powers and so on.

Girl From No Where

Initially, Nanoo was a super sweet girl who was kind to everyone, until she met the perpetrator or the person she wanted to teach a lesson to. Nanoo’s face turned into a cold and mysterious smile. As if Nanoo was ready to carry out a mission for certain people he chose to be his next targets.

With that sweet face, many people are targeting Nanoo. Aiming at good and bad intentions. The more people are attracted to her, the greater Nanoo’s power to do crazy things to uphold justice.

The actrees who plays Nanoo, Cicha Amatayakul, said that the character Nanoo in the film Girl from Nowhere is the child of the devil. That’s why there are so many powers that Nanoo is capable of that are beyond human understanding. Even in the second episode she was killed and rose again the next day. Came to school, greeted the killer like nothing happened. Terrifying isn’t it?