Cast and Synopsis of The Poison Rose

Synopsis of the film The Poison Rose, the story of a private detective who investigates a premeditated murder. The Poison Rose is a crime thriller film. This 98-minute film directed by George Gallo.

Adapted from Richard Salvatore’s novel The Poison Rose. In this film Richard Salvatore also serves as a producer and screenwriter. Jeff Elliott, Oscar Generale and Andrea Iervolino co-produced the film. Meanwhile, in writing the scenario, Salvatore was assisted by Francesco Cinquemani and Luca Giliberto. In the United States, this film was released May 24, 2019.

The Poison Rose

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Synopsis The Poison Rose

The Poison Rose tells about Carson Philips. Carson, who now works as a private detective, is contacted to return to his hometown, Texas. Carson is still hesitant to return to Texas at the request of a client. If he returns he will be confronted with memories of relationships from his past. Including a woman Carson once left.

Unable to turn down a request from a woman who is also his client. Carson meets Jayne Hunt who is his old love. Carson eventually agreed to investigate the case. Now, Carson must relearn the environment he left 20 years ago. Carson also tries to reconnect with Texas, his hometown.

In Texas, Carson meets Doc. Doc is an influential person who indirectly controls the city. Carson confronts Doc to uncover a dangerous truth about a local murder. Besides solving Carson’s case, he also has to survive in Texas.

But as things unfold, people start warning Carson of the dangers that threaten him. What danger awaits Carson? Watch it in your favorite cinema this July.

The Poison Rose

List of cast members of The Poison Rose

  • John Travolta as PI Carson Phillips
  • Morgan Freeman as Doc
  • Ella Bleu Travolta as Rebecca Hunt
  • Brendan Fraser as Dr. Miles Mitchell
  • Famke Janssen as Jayne Hunt
  • Peter Stormare as Slide
  • Robert Patrick as Chief Walsh
  • Kat Graham as Rose
  • Claudia Gerini as Violet Gregory
  • Nick Vallelonga as Nick the Giant Bodyguard
The Poison Rose


This film tells the story of Carson Philips (John Travolta), a former NFL (National Football League) player who has now switched professions to become a private detective. One day, a beautiful woman offers him a sizable amount of money, provided that Carson is willing to find out the cause of the disappearance of a teenage boy, who is presumed to have been murdered.

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At first Carson objected because the incident took place in Texas, – a city full of dark shadows from Carson’s past. But his weakness for beautiful women, especially when the client came with a sad story, made Carson finally accept the offer.

Carson began to investigate in Texas, by contacting some of his acquaintances, including an ex-girlfriend he had left. The investigation leads to a mental hospital, where a suspected key witness in the murder of the client’s relative is being treated.

Reasons for reasons that don’t make sense that Dr. Miles Mitchell (Branden Fraser), to keep Carson away from a patient he insists is indeed at the facility. But Carson’s abilities turned out to be more than Dr. thought. Mitchell.

Behind it all, it turns out that there is the intervention of a God Father who has long controlled the life of the underworld in the city. Suggestions abound for Carson to stay away from the case, and stay out of touch with Doc. It turns out that what Curson imagined was far different from what he faced. And that really put him in a dilemma.


Like detective films in general, The Poison Rose also only focuses on one or two characters at the beginning of the story. Until little by little, the storyline reveals the figure of each character slowly, – especially the characters Doc (Morgan Freeman) and Jayne Hunt (Famke Janssen).
There are quite a number of characters that stand out in this film, and take up space for the audience’s mind to determine whether he is a good or bad character. Although, the spotlight is still dominated by Carson’s actions until the end of the film.

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But what deserves thumbs up is John Travolta’s ability to adapt again to the typical speaking style of a Texan, whose story in this film he has left behind for decades.