Review Film Avatar 2 : The Way of Water, Beauty of the Sea – Review film Avatar 2. After a long wait of 13 years, the legendary epic film, Avatar, is back in the second sequel titled Avatar: The Way of Water. Still directed by James Cameron, this latest film presents stunning cinematics and an emotional story. Without further ado, here is my review for the film Avatar 2: The Way of Water.

Synopsis of the film Avatar: The Way of Water

After the events of the first film, Jake Sully lives as an Omaticaya chief who has a family with Neytiri and their children, namely Neteyam, Lo’ak, Tuk, Kiri, and Spider. Amidst their peaceful lives, the humans return to Pandora to explore. One of them is Colonel Miles Quaritch who was cloned into a Na’vi body and equipped with memories from before his death.

Review film avatar 2

One day, Colonel Quaritch managed to catch Spider whom he recognized as his son. Colonel Quaritch decides to spend time with Spider and in return, Spider will teach Colonel Quaritch about Na’vi culture. Knowing conditions were no longer safe, Jake and his family exiled themselves from Omaticaya to the Metkayina clan of coral people on Pandora’s east coast.

Even though they were once considered a threat and ridiculed due to their genetics, Jake and his family finally found acceptance and protection. They quickly adapted and learned the way of life of coral people. However, Jake’s hiding is not a solution, because Colonel Quaritch finds him again and finally a tense fight ensues.

A cinematic work with stunning visuals

Different from before, the film Avatar: The Way of Water takes place in a forest and sea. Interestingly, when viewed in 3D, films in the 4K High Dynamic Range format are able to present visuals that seem real. In fact, every scene seems to made in earnest to spoil the eyes of the audience without the slightest flaw.

Review film avatar 2

Especially in the sea scene, this 3 hour and 10 minute film is able to perfectly display the underwater beauty, which humans may not be able to see directly. Well, even though the 3D effect feels a little dizzy, I don’t think anything can beat the magnificent visuals of this film. good job!

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Stories and characters that can evoke the atmosphere

Not only visually, this film also presents an interesting storyline. Even though it’s pretty predictable, it still inserts nice details to follow. I also applaud the character traits of each character, where totality can seen even being able to arouse the audience’s emotions.

Review film avatar 2

Yup, in my opinion the film Avatar: The Way of Water is very lively because it can present tense, sad, and uplifting nuances. Oh yes, this film also features a tulkun sea creature named Payakan which makes the film Avatar: The Way of Water even more worthy of thumbs up.

As an ordinary person who didn’t follow the first film, I was actually a bit confused at the beginning, one of which was about Colonel Quaritch and Jake’s grudge and the presence of Kiri and Dr. Grace Augustine. However, slowly I began to understand and can enjoy it.

So, for those who are interested in watching this sequel, I suggest watching the first film first, which available on Disney+. Meanwhile, you can watch the film Avatar: The Way of Water in theaters.