Similar Movies about Time You Should Watch !

Similar Movies about Time – If only time machines really existed, what would you do? Change the past? Meeting someone who is no longer there? Or correct a problem that is a burden on your youth? And after that is done, do you dare to accept all the consequences in the future?

We can explore the questions above in films that have a similar premise. We will be invited to unravel the complicated threads of paradox, causality circles, and alternative timelines that form the essence of the following films about time machines. Read the list until the end and tell us which film you like, okay?

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Similar Movies about Time

1. Project Almanac

Project Almanac

A high school student, David Raskin (Jonny Weston) really wants to continue his education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but this is in conflict with the very high cost of education. In a sad state, David’s friends invited him to play until the idea emerged to make a time machine.

David got the idea from his late father’s plan, who was a scientist, to create a time machine. David immediately finished what his father started and succeeded. The time machine created turns out to be able to open the timeline. They play around with it without thinking about the consequences.

2. Déjà Vu

Déjà Vu

A terrorist attack killed more than 500 passengers on a ferry sailing across the Mississippi River. This then received full attention from many parties as well as the ATF law enforcement agency. To find out who the perpetrator was, the ATF immediately created a ‘time machine’.

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The time machine, named Snow White, was able to place one of the agents into the past 4 days before the incident. The agent who volunteers is Doug Carlin (Denzel Washington). Doug tries his best to catch the perpetrator and stop the terrorist attack that is about to occur.

3. Similar Movies about Time: Source Code

Source Code

Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a military pilot who suddenly wakes up on a train to Chicago. Gradually, he realized that it was a mission to find the perpetrator of the train bombing he was traveling on. Every time he failed, Colter would return 8 minutes before the explosion.

Until one day, Colter realized that he was in a time machine, and the body he was in was not his own body, but the body of one of the dead passengers named Sean. Using his last moment, Colter promises to find the perpetrator and prevent the bombing.

4. The Adam Project

Similar Movies about Time

Adam (Ryan Reynolds) is a pilot who uses a time machine to travel back from 2050 to 2018 to save his wife who disappeared due to a time jump. Instead of arriving in 2018, Adam landed in 2022 full of wounds. At the same time, a young version of Adam meets him.

After explaining what happened, the two agreed to help each other. They also try to fight the sadistic future leader, Sorian (Catherine Keener). Their efforts also bore fruit. Even though they have to face obstacles, both of them are able to return to their respective times and get what they want.

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5. See You Yesterday

Similar Movies about Time

C.J. Walker (Eden Duncan-Smith) and Sebastian (Danté Crichlow) are a pair of friends who are completing their school science assignments. While other times they make tasks easy, the two of them actually make a time machine. Experiment after experiment was carried out and finally the machine worked.

C.J. and Sebastian begins to use the machine to play around, starting from taking revenge on C.J.’s ex-lover, to preventing the murder of C.J.’s older brother. All of these things turned out to have a lot of impact on everything. A series of bad things happened and became the responsibility of both of them.

6. Time Freak

Similar Movies about Time

Stillman (Asa Butterfield) is a physicist, he has a girlfriend named Debbie (Sophie Turner). Stillman’s life was fine until Debbie dumped him. Not accepting the situation, Stillman made a time machine with his close friend, Evan (Skyler Gisondo).

The time machine is used to relive important moments in his relationship with Debbie. Stillman hopes it will mend their separation. Unfortunately, what Stillman hoped for didn’t go smoothly, so he still had to accept what was supposed to happen.

7. The Tomorrow War

Similar Movies about Time

Dan Foster (Chris Pratt) is a former US Army Special Forces officer who now works as a biology teacher. One day, a group of soldiers suddenly came from 2051 saying that in 2048 aliens would come and destroy humanity and endanger the earth.

The government also instituted mandatory military service and Foster joined the program. After feeling capable enough to fight, they were sent via a time machine called JumpLink to defeat the aliens. Foster and other military members race against time to defeat the aliens.