Synopsis 7 Women and a Murder Film, Who Killed Marchello?

7 Women and a Murder – Check out the full synopsis of the film 7 Women and a Murder, which will be released on Netflix in December 2022. The film 7 Women and a Murder is based on the musical 8 Women by Francois Ozon. 7 Women and a Murder is a mystery film set in Italy.

7 Women and a Murder: Susanna’s return from Milan

The story begins with the return of Susanna, the eldest daughter of a rich family who has just returned from Milan for Christmas. The first figure he meets at home is a new maid named Maria.

In that house were the mother Margherita, the grandmother Rachele, the aunt Agostina, and the sister Caterina. Maria then made breakfast for the entire household. He was also asked by Margherita to deliver breakfast to Marcello’s room, the head of the family. How shocked Maria was to find Marcello lying face down with a knife stuck in his back.

7 Women and a Murder

Initially, Caterina requested that the room be locked because it was a crime scene that the police had to investigate. However, Margherita insisted on seeing the condition of her husband who died horribly. On trying to contact the police, it turned out that the phone cord had been cut.

The women in the house tried to find out the reason for the murder, what was Marcello’s business situation, whether Marcello had any enemies. They also immediately thought about Marcello’s inheritance, whoever’s name was written had the right to inherit his property. One by one the facts began to unfold under pressure because all the women in the house became suspects. They all considered themselves suspects since no one else was in the house.

7 Women and a Murder

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Rachele Loses Securities

Rachele’s confession was revealed, who had lost her bonds, thinking that her son-in-law’s business was bankrupt and needed money. Then Agostina admitted that she liked Marcello and had approached him. Then came Veronica, Marcello’s first love who claimed to have been called by a woman to check on Marcello’s condition.

Veronica is also a suspect because she was suspected after knowing very well the locations of the rooms in the house. When Veronica tried to open the door to Marcello’s room, it turned out that the key could not be used. Veronica admits that the house used to belong to her family, so she knows where all the rooms are.

7 Women and a Murder

Confession after Confession Begins to Appear

In that panicked situation, confession after confession reappeared. Maria also admitted approaching Marcello even though he was her employer. Maria, who felt that she was no longer fit to work there, finally decided to leave.

Shortly after Maria left, she returned to the house and said that the gate had been padlocked with a large chain. The women thought the killer had deliberately framed everyone. It was revealed that Maria had given Marcello herbal tea and that Veronica had come at night.

Caterina, who eavesdrops, reveals that Susanna also came at night. Finally Susanna admitted that she had come secretly at night to tell her father that she was pregnant out of wedlock. Margherita admits that she can no longer stand being Marcello’s wife and intends to leave the house.

Who actually killed Marcello? What is the motive for the killing?