Synopsis and Cast of Japanese Film Yakuza Apocalypse – Synopsis Yakuza Apocalypse

Imdb : 5.5/10
Cast : Hayato Ichihara, Yayan Ruhian, Riko Narumi
Genre : Action, Gangster, Comedy, Ghost, Vampire
Country : Japan
Release : 20 Jun 2015
Runtime : 125 minutes
Language : Japanese
Director : Takashi Miike
Screenwriter : Yoshitaka Yamaguchi
Producers : Yoshinori Chiba, Shinichiro Masuda, Shinjiro Nishimura, Misako Saka
Cinematographer : Hajime Kanda
Distributors : Nikkatsu
Other Titles : Yakuza Apocalypse : The Great War Of The Underworld / Gokudo Daisenso / 極道大戦争

The movie stars Hayato Ichihara, Yayan Ruhian, and Riko Narumi and penned by Yoshitaka Yamaguchi and directed by Takashi Miike. Reiko Takashima, a seasoned performer, takes on a masculine role for the first time. On May 21, 2015, the movie had its world debut at the Cannes Film Festival. On June 20, it released in theaters all over Japan.

synopsis yakuza apocalypse

Synopsis Yakkuza Apozalypse

The enemy base attacked by a middle-aged man. He unaffected by the samurai blades’ thrusts and slashes. Likewise, bullet spew. He murdered everyone that day like a beast. He hurt but was unable to pass away. Like a beast, he is.

The middle-aged guy who is unable to pass away is later revealed to be Genyo Kamiura (Lily Franky), a renowned yakuza boss in a Tokyo suburb in a neighborhood designed in the Showa era of the 1970s. Because he defends common citizens in his territory as a yakuza leader, Kamiura is well-liked by the locals. As a matter of principle, Kamiura won’t bother those who aren’t yakuza.

We also understand why Kamiura survived. He appears to be a vampire. He survives by consuming the blood of captives who are bound in a tavern’s cellar. They weave while their ankles are chained. They occasionally suffered from the tavern owner’s torment.

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Akira Kageyama (Hayato Ichihara), a yakuza member who is frequently made fun of for having too smooth of skin, is Syahdan, Kamiura’s devoted protector and can’t get enough tattoos. Yakuza without markings will undoubtedly face ridicule from their peers.

synopsis yakuza apocalypse

Beginning of the story

When Kamiura is the focus of other adversaries, the plot progresses. Both a man dressed as a geeky otaku (played by Yayan Ruhian) and a man in all-black garb resembling an 18th-century European priest bearing a coffin on his shoulders aim to kill Kamiura. Kamiura’s head severed from his torso during a brutal duel. We believed he done. yet not. The boss’s eyes widened as Kageyama bent down to support his head, and he then sucked on Kageyama’s neck. He also made sure to tell Kageyama to exact revenge.

Kageyama became a vampire as a result. Kageyama is unable to control his urge to drink the blood of commoners as he travels. The regulations prohibit doing this. According to myth, Yakuza vampires ingest the blood of the wicked. Ordinary people get contaminated and turn into vampires as soon as a vampire suctions their blood from them. A yakuza vampire, not a regular vampire.

Others in the Yakuza are being sought out.

Real yakuza members who have not contracted vampire blood quickly fall victim to regular people who transform into yakuza vampires. War declared against the yakuza by Kageyama and the locals.

The plot takes on even more color when it turns out that the European priest and the nerdy otaku are members of a gang of criminals that also includes a Kappa, a Japanese mythological creature with a human body but a tortoise’s beak and hump, and a creature wearing a soft green hairy monster costume similar to the mascot clown who once opened his costume to reveal a big man with a frog’s head.

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Later, this gang grew to be Kageyama’s primary adversary. He engages in a final battle with the hairy creature and an otaku who turns into a powerful samurai. He once summoned a second hairy monster that resided in the Fuji mountains after the first one was vanquished. (possibly his father or mother). This one is a huge, hairy monster with a flame-emitting maw. A different scene in the movie depicts enormous monsters ravaging the landscape.

synopsis yakuza apocalypse

Cast of Yakuza Apozalypse

  • Hayato Ichihara as Akira Kageyama
  • Riko Narumi as Kyoko
  • Lily Franky as Genyo Kamiura
  • Reiko Takashima as Sosuke Zenba
  • Sho Aoyagi as yakuza
  • Kiyohiko Shibukawa
  • Yayan Ruhian as Mad Dog
  • Mio Yuki as vampire high school student
  • Pierre Taki as yakuza
  • Denden as yakuza

Additional Cast:

Yuki Sakurai as Nurse Mikiko
Makoto Sakaguchi as Masaru Izawa

At this point, the audience has to accept that Yakuza Apocalypse is not a mainstream type of film. While watching it, I, who originally analyzed it seriously, let go of every analysis tool that I usually use and let myself be taken anywhere by this film. Various ridiculous, funny, and absurd scenes are presented, which in turn make us laugh out loud (the joke about the sound of water dripping on the head and brain fluid spurting out of the ear canal is really funny, by the way).