Synopsis & Review Ambulance, Hostage on The Streets of LA

Synopsis & Review Ambulance – Two brothers plan a bank robbery with their team. When their plans collapsed, they hijacked an ambulance carrying a wounded policeman.

A suicide escape turns into a hostage as the Los Angeles police deploy their entire troops with the help of a team of experts from the FBI.

The main focus of the film about the escape carried out by two brothers on the streets of Los Angeles and their efforts to avoid the police clash.

The tension of the film is becoming more and more tense that makes us still have to watch this film until the end to find all the answers and know the ultimate fate of each character.

Execution of the premise

Synopsis & Review Ambulance

At first we saw the actions of Danny and his team no more than just ordinary robberies that experienced a bit of chaos.

We were made to suspect that some of the sangar-faced people who watched in front of the bank were their rivals who wanted to assassinate the robbery.

But when the shooting started, we only knew that the investigators were the police.

The robbery later turned into a hostage drama that took place during the ambulance journey on the streets of Los Angeles City.

Tensions were triggered from all sides, both from inside the ambulance where there were police injured in critical conditions and from outside.

which depicts the efforts of the entire police unit in implementing a strategy to stop the ambulances.

A scenery full of explosions

Synopsis & Review Ambulance

Michael Bay is the specialist director of this kind of film, where he regularly displays scenes of cars running, winding and exploding on the streets.

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And its cinematic side managed to show the city’s landscape very well, not only from the air, but also from any direction, sometimes from below, showing the magnificence of the climbing buildings.

The sacrifice of a father and a deep sense of fraternity

Synopsis & Review Ambulance

Not only terrible on the side of action, it turns out this film has a fairly good story with the depth of the three main characters in balance.

From the opening scene, we know that Will is struggling to find insurance to fund his daughter’s treatment, while she is a military veteran who once served for the country.

Will always tried to please his wife and children, even though he had to lie. It’s hard to see what Will feels like.

The effectiveness of this characterization is also accurately processed on the other two characters, Danny and Cam, who each get a scene where they tell about a little of his past that affects their attitude.

Danny only continues to inherit from his father, a legendary bank robber, and Danny has robbed 38 banks in 10 years, according to Agent Anson.

While Cam was always cold after saving his patients, it turned out that he failed to get medical education, so now he is only a medical officer.

One thing we can’t imagine is Danny’s love for Will, the adopted adoptive brother of his father.

Seems like it’s callous and dishonest to Will, it turns out that Danny so worried and very defensive when Will shot.

In the end, she was willing to sacrifice herself so that Will could live safely. Through a few flashbacks, we will understand their fraternal bonds.

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Ambulance is a package of action films that will be able to pump our adrenaline quickly and steadily throughout the film with a variety of tensions that never end.

The duration of a long movie will be exhausting, but Michael Bay is smart enough to compress everything so that we can keep watching until the end.