Synopsis Batman Begins Movie, The Beginning of Bat Man

Synopsis Batman Begins Movie – As one of the most popular superheroes, films featuring Batman never escape the attention of his fans. Even in the 90s, when the film Bat Man was not very good in terms of story, the film managed to make a profit financially.

Therefore, this superhero installment never stops being explored. In 2005, Batman reappeared with the director’s chair moving to Christopher Nolan.

The figure of Nolan is known for his complicated storyline. Many consider that the London director’s Batman is a masterpiece. What is Batman Begins like as the opening of Nolan’s Batman trilogy?

Synopsis Batman Begins Movie

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Synopsis Batman Begins Movie

Bruce Wayne, played by Christian Bale, is the son of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Thomas is the founder of a company engaged in the industrial sector called Wayne Enterprises. As a child, Bruce fell into a dry river and was attacked by a group of bats. This caused Bruce to have his own fear of bats.

While watching an opera performance with his parents, Bruce was scared because one of the performers was wearing a bat costume. Therefore, Bruce asked his parents to come home. When he left the building, a man named Joe Chill robbed the Wayne family and then killed Bruce’s parents. Bruce was orphaned and raised by the caretaker of the Wayne family, Alfred Pennyworth.

Fourteen years later, Chill is granted parole after testifying against mob kingpin Carmine Falcone. Bruce, who came to court, tried to kill Chill, but Falcone’s men killed Chill first.

Synopsis Batman Begins Movie

Rachel Dawes Is Angry at Bruce

Rachel Dawes, Bruce’s childhood friend was angry because Bruce acted outside the law. He said that Bruce’s actions could bring shame to the Wayne family name. Bruce confronts Falcone. Falcone said that great strength comes from fear. Bruce also left Gotham for seven years to train himself in martial arts and dive into the criminal underworld.

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In a Bhutanese prison, he meets Henri Ducard who invites him to join an organization called the League of Shadows led by Ra’s al Ghul.

Bruce entered the League of Shadows and received martial arts training. He later learned that the League of Shadows was targeting his hometown, Gotham, which was deemed beyond saving. Bruce rejected that notion. He also doesn’t like the group’s way of upholding justice, he thinks that way is too radical.

Bruce Fights Ducard

Bruce fights with Ducard until Ducard is killed by falling debris. He then set fire to the temple where he studied martial arts as well as the League of Shadows headquarters. Bruce returns to Gotham with the goal of fighting crime.

Lucius Fox, a friend of Thomas Wayne who also worked at Wayne Enterprises, gave Bruce the opportunity to use a prototype tool developed by the company. Some of what Bruce used were clothes and a car called the Tumbler.

After so long not appearing in public, Bruce showed a new persona as a playboy. While in the Batcave, the place beneath his house, he devised his way to become a vigilante under the name Batman. The name Batman was taken because it was inspired by Bruce’s childhood fears that he managed to overcome.

Synopsis Batman Begins Movie

Batman Thwarts Drug Smuggling

Batman instantly thwarts a drug smuggler and hands over the evidence to Rachel so he can catch Falcone.

He also works with one of the Gotham police, James Gordon, to imprison Falcone. In prison, Falcone meets Dr. Jonathan Crane or Scarecrow, a psychologist who uses a spray to make other people hallucinate.
Rachel, who is the Assistant District Attorney, is suing Crane for corruption. Crane stated that he put the drugs into Gotham city’s water supply.

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Batman arrests and interrogates Crane. Crane says that he works for Ra’s. Ra’s intends to poison the entire population of Gotham so that the city can be reset from scratch. Can Batman thwart him?