Synopsis film Transporter 2, Jason Statham Save Hunter Clary

Synopsis film Transporter 2 – Transporter 2, which released in 2005, a continuation of the previous film The Transporter (2002), then continued by Transporter 3 which released in 2008. The film Transporter 2 succeeded in occupying first place at the United States box office on September 4 2005 and earned revenues of up to 89 million US dollars. Meanwhile, the production cost of this film was 32 million US dollars.

With a duration of 88 minutes, this film directed by director Louis Leterrier and written by Luc Besson with Robert Mark Kamen under the production auspices of 20th Century Fox. Transporter 2 managed to get a score of 52 percent and 58 percent from viewers on the Rotten Tomatoes site, while on the IMDb site this film received a score of 6.3 out of 10.

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Synopsis of Transporter 2 Film

Frank Martin (Jason Statham) has moved from the south of France to Miami, Florida. He becomes a temporary chauffeur for the wealthy Billings family. Jefferson (Matthew Modine) and Audrey Billings’ (Amber Valletta) marriage is under great stress due to the demands of her husband’s job. Frank forms a bond with their son, Jack (Hunter Clary) because he always takes him to school and picks him up.

One day, Frank would take Jack for a routine health check. Jack and Martin arrived at the hospital and were examined by doctors and nurses. However, he just realized that the doctor and nurse were terrorists. The original doctors and nurses had murdered. A long battle took place between the criminals led by Lola (Kate Nauta). Frank, unarmed, manages to escape with Jack.

Jack Kidnapped

Just as they arrived at Jack’s house, he received a call informing him that he and Jack were under surveillance by a sniper who was able to penetrate the car’s bulletproof glass. Forced to let Lola get into the car at gunpoint, Frank sped away with Jack, avoiding the many police cars chasing him. They arrive at a warehouse, where Frank meets Gianni (Alessandro Gassman), the ringleader of the operation.

Frank ordered to leave without Jack. Jack also kidnapped by Gianni’s group. They asked for a large ransom. With various efforts, Jack saved. But it turns out that’s not the root of the problem. A virus has planted in Jack’s body. The virus transmitted to Jefferson Billings, his father. Jefferson, who will be a speaker for international policymakers, will also transmit the virus to everyone present. Frank’s task now became even more difficult. He must eradicate terrorists and stop the spread of the virus at the same time. Can Frank carry out his duties?

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