Synopsis of Hacksaw Ridge, Soldiers Who Refuse to Take Up Arms

Synopsis of Hacksaw Ridge – The film HACKSAW RIDGE (2016) inspired by the true story of a US medical soldier who saved his fellow soldiers on the battlefield without holding any weapons at all. This 2 hour 9 minute long film directed by Mel Gibson. For KLovers who like films with the action genre, this film is a must watch.

Played by Andrew Garfield, this film set during World War II where at that time US troops fought against Japan in the battle in Okinawa, Japan. Despite a soldier, Desmond Doss ostracized by his fellow soldiers because of his passive nature.

His heroic action in saving his fellow soldiers who were injured on the battlefield extraordinary courage, especially since he did not hold a weapon at all and fought in his own way. Desmond Doss awarded the highest Medal of Honor by US President Harry S. Truman in 1945. The following is a complete synopsis of the film HACKSAW RIDGE.

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Hacksaw Ridge Synopsis

Based on the true story of US military medic, Desmon Doss served during the battle of Okinawa, in Japan. While on duty he refused to hold a weapon and even kill. This is based on Doss’ belief as a devout Christian. His life story begins when young Doss lived in Virginia in 1925. At that time, Desmond Doss almost killed his brother when they had a fight as children. This incident made him remain firm in his belief in not killing anyone, and he carried this into adulthood.

One day, Doss took a young man who had an accident to the hospital and met Dorothy Schutte. From then on, Doss often met Dorothy in the hospital and the two began a romantic relationship. Not only that, Doss also admitted that he interested in the medical world and wanted to work in that field. Meanwhile, the attack launched by Japan on Pearl Harbor resulted in WWII.

Hearing this, Doss decided to enlist in the American Army as a combat medic. This decision initially opposed by his father because his father was a WWI veteran.

Doss continued his military duties

However, Doss’s decision was final, so Doss continued his military duties. Before leaving for training camp, Doss became engaged to Dorothy and planned to marry before going to Japan.

While undergoing basic training at Doss’s camp and his company mates under Sergeant Howell, Howell considered Doss to be superior in various physical aspects, but always refused to hold a weapon. Because of his character, he ignored by his company friends because he considered strange and stubborn.

Because he always refused to hold a weapon, Howell tried to remove him from the military for psychological reasons. However, the attempt rejected based on military regulations that Doss’ religious beliefs did not constitute mental illness. Doss also faced with the attitude of his colleagues who repeatedly provoked him to leave the military unit, and he was often beaten black and blue. However, Doss remained firm in his stance.

Doss married Dorothy

After completing training, soldiers who were going to war received leave, Doss would later use this leave to marry Dorothy, but instead he was tried for insubordination and refusing to take up arms.

Doss was almost detained by the military, but was released thanks to a statement from his father who was a WWI veteran. Desmond Doss was finally able to go to war and remained true to his principle of not holding weapons.

On the battlefield, Doss is faced with various tests that not only threaten his life but also his principles as a religious person. Doss struggled to save the lives of dozens of his comrades from the battlefield by lowering them from a cliff using a rope alone.

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