Synopsis of Political Comedy Film The Interview

Synopsis The Interview – The Interview is a comedy film, produced and directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. This film is their second work after previously making a film called This Is the End in 2013. The screenplay written by Dan Sterling, based on a story co-created with Rogen and Goldberg.

The film then stars Rogen himself as Aaron Rapaport, and James Franco as Dave Skylark. The two are journalists trying to arrange an interview with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un (Randall Park). They were then recruited by the CIA organization to kill the “Supreme Leader”.

If you are curious about this political comedy film that offends North Korea, see the following review and synopsis of The Interview!

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Synopsis The Interview

Dave Skylark is the host of a talk show titled Skylark Tonight, where he often interviews various top Hollywood celebrities. After Skylark, and Rapaport, and his crew celebrated their 1,000th episode, one of their co-producers criticized Skylark Tonight as an obscure news programme.

Because of this criticism, Rapaport and Skylark then agreed to change the program to a higher quality. One day, Skylark discovers that North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, is a fan of his show.

Rapaport Travels to a village

The two then did their best to arrange an interview with him, which broadcast live on Skylark Tonight. Rapaport then traveled to a place in rural China to meet Sook-yin Park, a propaganda minister from North Korea.

Sook then informed him that Kim Jong-un was willing to be interviewed by Skylark. After Rapaport returned to America, a CIA agent named Lacey appeared before him and also Skylark.

Lacey then asked the two to kill Kim using a transdermal strip, which would poison Kim via a handshake. At first, they disagreed, but eventually Skylark brought the strip, which was hidden in a pack of gum.

Koh finds Strip and chews it up

Upon arrival at the presidential palace in Pyongyang, they were introduced to Kim’s bodyguards, namely Koh, and Yu. Checking Skylark’s luggage, Koh found a strip, and thought it was gum, and chewed it.

The only means to kill Kim is gone, Rapaport then has Lacey send a drone containing a new transdermal strip to where it is.

Long story short, Kim Jong-un appeared in front of their room, and introduced himself to Skylark and Rapaport. Skylark then spends time with Kim playing basketball, partying and enjoying the ride in his private battle tank. Kim explains to Skylark that he misunderstood as a ruthless dictator, and a failed leader. Since then the two have become friends.

Koh Has Seizures Due to Poisoning

During dinner, Koh has a seizure from poisoning with the strip, and he accidentally shoots Yu before dying. The next morning, Skylark, feeling guilty, discards one of the strips, then attempts to thwart Rapaport’s plot to poison Kim with the second strip.

Skylark then witnesses Kim’s sinister side as he threatens war against South Korea, and everyone who tries to undermine his leadership.

Skylark then went to enjoy the streets of North Korea at night. He then shocked because all the grocery stores, which sell groceries, are fake and just camouflage. Skylark realized that Kim had lied to him.

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