Synopsis Shin Ultraman Full Movie, Story of Ultraman & Monsters

Shin Ultraman Full Movie – The Japanese government formed a team called the SSSP. The team was formed due to the emergence of giant, vicious monsters known as Class S Species. And SSSP members were ordered to study and find ways to defeat these monsters.

However, while the SSSP members were researching monster attacks, they were surprised by the appearance of a new giant, which they named Ultraman. However, they don’t know why Ultraman is helping humanity, and Ultraman’s goal is unknown.

And what’s even more strange is: what is the relationship between Ultraman and the veteran SSSP member, Shinji Kaminaga? To unravel this mystery, let’s follow the following review of the Shin Ultraman film:

Shin Ultraman Full Movie

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Synopsis Shin Ultraman Full Movie

Japan was used to encountering various appearances of giant monsters categorized as S-Class Species.

Unfortunately, conventional weapons have no effect on these monsters. Obstacles caused by these monsters made the Japanese government form a countermeasures agency called the SSSP.

The leader of the SSSP team is Tamura Kimio. The team also includes strategist Kaminaga Shinji, an analyst who becomes Kaminaga Shinji’s partner, Asami Hiroko, physicist Taki Akihisa, and Funaberi Yumi, who is a biologist. Now the five of them are faced with the emergence of a new monster called Neronga. The SSSP members moved as fast as they could to evacuate the residents who were near the monsters.

Shin Ultraman Full Movie

A Giant Appears to Help Humans

At the same time, they also continue to research the abilities of the Neronga monster and find ways to defeat it. But when the SSSP members were almost overwhelmed, another giant creature appeared who suddenly helped the humans and defeated the monsters.

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The giant creature believed to be an alien is now nicknamed Ultraman. Unfortunately, at the time of his appearance, Ultraman accidentally killed Kaminaga Shinji, who was a member of the SSSP. Ultraman also took over Kaminaga Shinji’s body and lived his days as ‘Shinji, who was colder than usual.

The next day, a new monster called Gabora appeared again. He is a monster that can absorb electrical energy. To prevent further damage, Ultraman reappears and kills him.

New Alien Appearance

A few days later, a new alien appears who claims to be named Zarab. These aliens can communicate using human language. Zarab then explains his intent and purpose for coming to earth. Then he invited the Japanese government to sign a cooperation contract. However, it turns out that Zarab is only trying to rule the earth alone.

Later, Zarab kidnaps ‘Shinji’ and disguises himself as Ultraman to ruin his image in the public eye. The incident was spread online, which later revealed the secret of Shinji’s true identity. The secret is revealed by Asami, who then asks about Shinji’s real whereabouts.

After being assisted by Asami, ‘Shinji’ transforms into Ultraman. However, this time it was Asami who was caught by Zarab. Ultraman also tries to save Asami from Zarab, takes off Zarab’s disguise, and defeats him using the Ultra Slash technique.

Shin Ultraman Full Movie

Asami becomes a giant.

Shortly after Asami was freed, he was transformed into a giant figure by an alien named Mefilas. Mefilas has a goal to affiliate with humanity. However, Ultraman knows that the Beta Capsule owned by Mefilas and offered to the Japanese government can turn human DNA into monsters.

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Then, the SSSP members were gathered underground by ‘Shinji’. They hatch a plan to seize Mefilas’s Beta Capsule and stop it. Ultraman then appears and fights Mefilas, who transforms into his true form. But Zoffy’s appearance makes Mefilas scared and run away from Earth.

Ultraman encounters Zoffy in the forest near the body of Shinji, who has lost his life. Zoffy said that Ultraman must be punished because he violated the Star Light Outer Space rules. Then Zoffy awakens the weapon of mass destruction, Zetton, to destroy humanity.

Will Ultraman be able to stop the activated Zetton? And will the SSSP members be able to help Ultraman stop this tool of human destruction?