Synopsis of the Movie Click, Remote Control of Time

Synopsis of the Movie Click – In everyday life, we come into contact with many tools. One of them is a TV remote that can be used to change channels. With advances in technology, now there is TV on Demand which empowers you to watch shows that are already airing. We can easily search, slow down and speed up by simply pressing a button on the remote.

There are certain moments in life that we want to relive. Not a few also want us to quickly pass. How would it be if there was a tool that could make that wish come true? The tool is of course a handle. This is the core story of the Click movie. What’s the review and synopsis like? Let’s review in more detail.

Synopsis of the Movie Click

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Synopsis of the Movie Click

Michael Newman is a man who works as an architect. In his personal life, he is married to his wife, Donna, and has two children, Ben and Samantha. Unfortunately, he has a boss named John Ammer who is often demanding. This causes him to spend more time at work than with family.

One day, Michael went to a retail store to buy a universal remote control. While walking around, he fell asleep. It wasn’t long before he woke up and met a man who introduced himself as Morty. Morty gives a remote for free and states that it cannot be returned.

Synopsis of the Movie Click

The remote that controls life

It turns out that the remote can control life just like television. He uses it when working so that his work can be completed in a short time. He also used it when he felt sick and was instantly healed. Likewise with other features that allow him to watch a baseball game without being disturbed by Donna’s chatter.

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Using the remote too often, Michael’s life changes drastically. He began to feel like he was on auto-pilot. His body was in place, while his mind was drifting and he was starting to have a hard time feeling things. Many things start to be skipped unintentionally because of his actions by pressing buttons on the remote.

So dependent on the remote, Michael missed his promise to buy his children a bicycle. Meanwhile, he is about to be promoted in the job field by Ammer. He speeds up the time until the promotion time arrives which is for a year and encounters a different reality.

Troubled marriage

Time has passed, even her marriage has problems to the point of having to ask for help for marriage consultations. He even missed his father’s funeral. Michael continues to use the remote to get through the moments he doesn’t like. As a result, her children are grown and she misses a lot of things.

Fed up, Michael tries to tamper with the remote but always fails. He also went to a retail store to meet Morty. He confronts Morty, but Morty refuses to take the remote back because Michael agreed to the terms when they first met.

Synopsis of the Movie Click

Ammer will be retiring soon

Ammer states that he will retire soon and gives his position to Michael. Excited, Michael presses a button to fast-forward to his promotion time. After 10 years had passed, he succeeded in occupying the position of Ammer. He found his body state was different from what he knew with being overweight.

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Michael’s life is getting richer but he has to find his family in a mess. His wife had divorced him and was engaged to another man. While their children have grown up. What must Michael do to fix a situation that is too complicated? Can he be reunited with his family?