Synopsis & Review of Braveheart, William Wallace’s Heroic Acts

Synopsis Braveheart. From time to time, there are events that can bring significant changes to many people or a system. These events referred to as historic events. To appreciate this event and so that people don’t forget it, usually the person who made the most contributions will be immortalized in the form of writing or a monument.

One of the historical events that the people of Scotland always remember is when they had to fight against their neighboring country, England. William Wallace is one of the heroes who contributed to that battle. His struggle highlighted in the film Braveheart. Let’s see the synopsis and review below.

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Synopsis Braveheart

In 1286, King Alexander III of Scotland died. The heir to the royal throne generally left to sons. Since Alexander III had no sons, there was a vacancy in the line of succession. This condition exploited by the King of England, Edward “Longshanks,” to include the kingdom of Scotland as part of the British empire.

Longshanks raises an army to attack and conquer Scotland. William Wallace lost his father and brother to an attack by British troops. He forced to flee to other countries in Europe by his uncle, Argyle. Meanwhile, Longshanks was given a knighthood with various privileges, one of which Prima Nocte, the right for knights to have sex with newly married women.

Argyle educated Wallace until he was mature and ready to return to his native Scotland. Wallace runs into his old friend, Murron. She fell in love with Murron and decided to get married. But the wedding held secretly because he didn’t want any knight to use Prima Nocte on his wife.

Synopsis Braveheart

British troops tried to rape Murron.

British troops tried to rape Murron. Wallace fights off the British, but Murron captured and executed. Wallace made an attempt at revenge by killing any British troops he encountered. The British troops who escaped were allowed to return to their country as messengers, proving that Wallace had defied Longshanks.

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Longshanks ordered his son, Prince Edward, to stop Wallace’s actions by any means. Meanwhile, Wallace continues to fight the British troops with his best friend, Hamish. Stories of Wallace’s bravery spread to other Scots who decided to join Wallace’s cause.

Wallace led an army of Scots to fight in the battle known as the Battle of Stirling Bridge. Wallace’s troops not only won at Stirling, but also destroyed York. Even crazier, Wallace sent the head of Longshanks’ nephew to the British Empire as a sign of defiance.

Synopsis Braveheart

Synopsis Braveheart: Wallace seeks help.

Wallace tries to seek help from Robert the Bruce, son of Robert the Elder, who is the future king. Bruce accepted the request of his father, who wanted to pass the throne to his son without any interference from outsiders. The only thing he could do was join the British Empire.

Longshanks sent Isabella, his son’s wife, to negotiate with Wallace. Isabella manages to find Wallace. Wallace is adamant that his struggle will not stop. Isabella warns Wallace that there will be an attack from British troops. Wallace asks for Bruce’s help, who is judged to be able to bring more people into the army.

Synopsis Braveheart

Longshanks encounters a Scottish knight.

Longshanks meets the Scottish knights at Falkirk. Two knights, Mornay and Lochlan, were bribed by Longshanks to betray them. Their first successful attempt was to kill Hamish’s father. Wallace was furious when he found out that Bruce was fighting for Longshanks instead. Bruce changed his mind and decided to defend Scotland after seeing the many victims.

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Wallace kills Mornay and Lochlan for betraying Scotland. Isabella returns to help Wallace follow in Bruce’s footsteps. However, Bruce’s father prepared a trap so he could catch Wallace and hand him over to the British Empire. Can Wallace escape the trap he faces and win the battle against the British?