The Boondock Saints 1999 Review

The boondock saints, this film released in 1999, it’s not a new film of course, unfortunately I just watched this film a few weeks ago, it’s sad to miss this great thing after this film has stored for so long. I so amazed watching it, seeing the heroic actions of two brothers Connor McManus and Murphy McCanus in eradicating crime. All the actions he carried out were based on religion. According to him, “eliminating crime so that good things can develop,” this started by killing the Russian criminal gang, then eliminating the Italian mafia group.

In his actions, the McCanus brothers were assisted by his friend David Della Rocco (a member of the Italian mafia group who had betrayed), and also assisted by FBI agent Paul Smecker who had an awareness of the dilemma in law enforcement. In my opinion, the vigilante action of Mc Manus Brothers is truly amazing.

I think some of us already understand the complexity of man-made laws which will never be able to solve world problems. Let’s shift a little from the story of Mc Manus Brothers.

The Boondock Saints

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Review of the Boondock Saints

Vigilante actions are based on religion, I have always believed that every religion in this world always teaches about goodness, religion has sacred values. And if vigilante actions are based or based on religion, I think there will be a lot of good things that happen.

In our country Indonesia, let’s remember the hottest news recently. mega cases of corruption, acid thrown on them, arbitrary leaders and we only played to see it, everything is dragging on in its resolution and what we get is dissatisfaction with the law. This will continue to happen, because man-made laws so limited and unsolvable.

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The Boondock Saints

Review of the Boondock Saints

Corruption will continue to occur in this country, isn’t it terrible? all because the law does not provide a deterrent effect, in fact many corruptors escape because of the backing of higher superiors or the extensive power of the organization (political party) that oversees them.

Religious law has a much higher degree than man-made laws anywhere, I always believe in that, especially as a Muslim who truly believes in the greatness of Allah SWT. As well as the truth in the holy book Al-Quran, in which there is a comprehensive law, a perfect law, a law that definitely upholds justice. So is there a vigilante based on religion in our country, I can say there is, and the good news is that he is not a person but an organization.

Established Organization

I think we bored or fed up with the rise of prostitution crimes and this organization which is trying to fight it by carrying out raids, we are fed up with strange things that are products of the madness of the times such as LGBT and this organization is the first to come forward to fight, we worried about the morality that the collapse and craziness of politicians who try to distance religious values from society and again this organization is taking action.

The Boondock Saints

I think you already know this organization without me mentioning its name. However, it strange that many of you only see the negative side of this organization, and perceive that they are arrogant and inhumane, perhaps you have been taken in by media propaganda or a rotten group. But try to imagine us without this organization, prostitution, gambling, the madness of LGBT groups, the chaos caused by politicians, and the increasingly distant religious values will increasingly destroy this nation, all without us realizing it. Meanwhile, we too engrossed in technological entertainment, engrossed in worldly careers that drain our minds, engrossed in this false calm, to the point where we actually consider the actions carried out by this group to be disturbing and some of us actually hate them.

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Final Film Scenario

Returning to the heroic story of the boondock saints, at the end of the film there are several scenarios showing the public’s response to the saints’ vigilante actions. Some people are aware that such action is necessary to eradicate crime, this kind of action is what the community needs as well as responding to weak law enforcement and the many scenarios in its enforcement.

And no matter how vigilante action in a sovereign country with valid laws (even if only man-made laws) cannot be justified (legally of course). And in this case, I think we all have the same hope for law enforcement, upholding justice, and don’t show us serial dramas (protracted) in law enforcement, don’t let dissatisfaction be given to us, because that will make society is worried and surely one day there will be people with high philosophy, wisdom and the courage to do what MC MANUS brothers did in the film The Boondock Saints.