After Met You Synopsis and Review Full Movie

Thelongestfilm.comAfter Met You Synopsis. Young, handsome, and famous—apparently,  this did not make Ari Irham’s life happy. The reason is that this man is known as one of the troublemakers, especially with girls.

Ari may still be in high school, but his career cannot be doubted, and he has many fans thanks to his music. But only one girl is difficult to approach, a girl named Ara, who is very bitchy.

After Met You (2019) is based on the popular youth novel by Ari Irham and Dwitasari with the same title. This film stars Ari directly and makes Yoriko Angeline the female lead.

After Met You Synopsis

After Met You Synopsis

Who doesn’t know the name Ari Irham? Even though he is still in high school, his career as a DJ is well known in almost all of Indonesia. Ari even collaborated with a record company that finally got him to release his first single.

For your information, Ari can only make music because his voice is really not the sound you want to hear every day. Ari is actually no different from most teenagers in general; he is very cheerful and super confident.

The reason is that this child already has more than 100 ex-lovers; even that day, he had just broken up with Alika. Now Ari is enjoying his popularity, along with a gang of handsome boys at his school called The DAKS.

As usual, these kids gathered together and started talking about various random things. Until a girl accidentally interrupted the children’s conversation, and an idea came from Isa.

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He invites Ari to prove his charm to women by winning Ara’s heart. Not only that, they also agreed to bet $5 million if Ari could date Ara.

Feeling very challenged, Ari finally accepted the challenge from Isa because he wanted to prove himself. Because he felt that no girl could refuse him, this also applies to Ara.

The story of a young man who is looking for identity through love

After Met You Synopsis

After Met You (2019) takes us to see how life is from Ari Irham’s point of view. The reason is that this man is indeed quite different from most other children because, at such a young age, he has been very successful. Known as a reliable DJ, Ari is the dream man of many girls who are crazy about him.

But there is a hole in him that makes him known as a playboy—a wound that comes from his parents. Not many people know that Ari suffered greatly after the divorce of his parents.

This kid chooses to stay away from his family; he vents everything through music and has fun playing with girls.

Ari felt that his parents never cared about him because they were only busy with themselves. Ari was angry with his mother because, after the divorce, it seemed as if he didn’t think of her and didn’t pay attention to her. Meanwhile, Ari felt that his father was a coward who could not defend his household.

But all of Ari’s bad traits can be muted when he starts to know a girl named Ara. The girl he initially used as a bet instead became the girl he wanted to place his heart on.

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Through all his time with Ara, Ari begins to understand what true love and happiness mean. Ari seems to get a new world that he has never found; that world only exists in Ara.

After Met You Synopsis: Great for teens, but cringe for adults

After Met You Synopsis

One of the things I can say after watching After I Met You (2019) is that it’s a classic and a bit cringy. This is the feeling I had after I watched and listened carefully to every dialogue in this film. To be honest, I like how the story writer tries to find loopholes to include novel-style dialogue here.

Putting this dialogue where Ari makes a rag for Ara, to me, is brilliant. It still feels cringy.

What’s more, they are high school kids, so I can still tolerate this cringy feeling. because the entire dialogue is still using the slang of today’s children.

So I didn’t feel awkward when I listened to Ari have a dialogue with words in the style of a novel full of gossip.

I think the dialogue that was cringe-worthy to me might have a very different impact on teenagers. The reason is that I see that this element has actually become a hot topic of conversation between them, becoming the main attraction of the film.

Because indeed, the nuances of love like this can be said to be the nuances desired by many teenagers. Surely, after watching this film, you will dream of meeting a humorous man who is handsome and good at seducing, like Ari Irham. Because it can be said that the story is quite fairytale-like,  I’m sure this film is very suitable for teenagers.