Review film Curve, Disaster of Bride and Groom Before Wedding !

Review film Curve. The anonymous lady who finds herself trapped in a menacingly smooth concrete surface is the subject of the 2016 horror thriller short “Curve.” The woman finds herself staring into a gaping chasm that might be her final resting place as she attempts to physically claw her way to safety. In less than 10 minutes, Tim Egan’s film, which he also wrote and produced, paints a terrifying picture of fear, dread, and despair. There aren’t many specifics, and the only thing we can be certain of is the character’s one dread. There might be additional hints in the movie, though. Let’s examine “Curves” in more detail to see what we can discover. Spoilers follow.

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Summary of the Curve plot

The only character in the movie, a woman, wakes to find herself stranded on a nearly vertical concrete slope in the opening scene. Large waves can be seen intermittently in the opening scene, but once the lady wakes up, the story narrows to just her. When he opened his eyes, he saw that he was perched on an incline facing a pitch-black chasm. He struggled to get a hold of the Curve’s relentlessly smooth concrete surface with bloody fingers, barely managing to hang on.

Looking around yields no indication of how she arrived there, and we discover that the woman was resting on a curved portion of a massive concrete building that stretches off into the distance. In particular, a curve that was exactly like the one he was facing toward the lady, with a chasm in between. He noticed bleeding fingerprints on the opposite arched wall when he looked more closely.

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She attempted to calm herself down a bit more, perhaps driven by a desire to avoid suffering the same fate as the person who left the fingerprints. slope. He slid dangerously close to the edge due to the tiny slip, but was unable to move because of his paralyzing dread.

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Are Women Alive or Dead at the End of the Curve?

A drop of water landed on the woman as she examined her bloodied, muddy hand while perched on the precariously curved ledge. It then begins to rain, much to the character’s dismay, making his resting spot even more perilous. He makes a last-ditch attempt to save himself when the rain makes the Curve’s surface slick.

He yanked the silver chain from his neck and wound it around his bleeding hand in the hopes that it would make it easier for him to hold onto the smooth concrete surface. Before going completely black, we see him pressing his palm against the concrete surface. The movie ends with the sound of slipping on pavement and the ominous sight of Curves lying empty.

review film curve

Even though the protagonist doesn’t actually fall into the abyss, it is fairly obvious from the movie that he does. It was obvious right away that women weren’t going anywhere. Behind him was a nearly infinite high concrete wall, and in front of him was a pit that appeared to have no bottom.

The fact that both the protagonist and the audience are aware that the protagonist is engaged in a losing struggle adds an extra element of dread to the story. and will surely die. The movie thus examines a woman’s survival impulses, which compel her to attempt self-preservation even in the face of impossibility.

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The likelihood of life was all but eliminated by the rain. On the one hand, the woman’s delicate jewels, which she uses to save herself, are an almost amusing reaction to the rain, which hastens her unavoidable descent into the abyss. In other words, the lady effectively died after falling off the curve.

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How’d She Get On The Curve, That Woman?

The movie starts off with a nameless protagonist who is already perilously perched on a curved ledge. At the start of the movie, he knocked out cold, and when he comes up, he discovers his situation. It is not made clear, though, whether he had fallen or just stationed there. It’s interesting that both are equally likely. He did have a scar on his forehead, which might indicate that he tripped and collapsed. It might also imply that he taken from somewhere and put there.

The number of people who plunged into the dangerous pit beneath the curve is also unknown. Bloody handprints on the adjacent wall indicate that at least one additional individual has met a horrific end. However, countless could exist for all we know. It also adds more significance to the rain, which washes away remnants of previous victims’ blood and renders it difficult to determine how many people perished there.

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Which Curve is it?

Once more, Curve’s objective remained a mystery. The curvature resembles a portion of a sizable industrial building, like a dam, with solid and unstable concrete walls. The opening scene of the movie is essentially a shot of a wave. Therefore, that might provide some insight into what or where the slope is.

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Curve, the menacing woman in prison, can be quite amicable, but the movie gets a lot of its scares by inspiring a dread of the unknown. Curves can be a component of an entity that lures its prey and then traps them until they fall into a dark void, which can represent a mouth, similar to ant traps or carnivorous plants. The movie leaves it up to the audience to determine what the Curve actually is, giving us the freedom to conjure up in our minds the concepts that terrify us the most.