Perverse Family Film Review, which Traumatized the Audience

Perverse Family Film Review – If asked which film is currently viral on social media, it’s not Superman or a Disney film or a film from a series from DC Comic, but the answer is the Perverse Family film. The Perverse Family film video is currently viral on social media TikTok and Twitter because it considered terrible to watch.

However, the Perverse Family video which has gone viral on TikTok and Twitter only shows the condition of multi-storey houses. Some time ago the keyword with the search for Perverse Family had become a Trending Topic on Twitter, TikTok and Facebook, and widely discussed by netizens.

What is it that makes Perverse Family or Haunted House become a TikTok viral film and widely discussed by netizens? In fact, not a few people are looking for a link to watch this disgusting video. So, what is the Peverse Family? Let’s look at the following review.

Perverse Family Film Review

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Perverse Family Film Review: Viral on Social Media

The video was first uploaded by the Perverse Family Twitter account on February 26, 2021. But now the Perverse Family video, which lasts 1 minute 11 seconds, has gone viral, not only on Twitter, but also on TikTok.

Furthermore, the Perverse Family video does show pictures of an old terraced house that has not taken care of for a long time. In the Perverse Family video, it shown at the beginning of the scene in the form of an old and neglected large house.

The Perverse Family video is actually content for adults, namely pornographic content.

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However, the pornographic content in the Perverse Family video displays unusual scenes like what released on with the title What a Perverse Family Video that Traumatizes Viewers, But the Link Crowded by Netizens?

Perverse Family Film Review

Lots of unexpected scenes

This trailer video looks normal at the beginning of the scene, but when the scene changes it starts to show the contents of the Perverse Family’s house. The audience was immediately presented with an unexpected scene.

Starting with scenes that not usually done by people in general, starting to eat things that are not common to intimate scenes that also not common.

On Twitter alone, the Perverse Family video with a duration of 1 minute 12 seconds has reached 6.3 million views from various parts of the world. It also known that most of the uploads or content provided by Perverse Family are videos of adult scenes. And many of them show scenes that are unusual for people in general.

Perverse Family Film Review


Of course, the scene that asked not to be imitated. Karana can cause fear to the point of trauma after watching it. Until now, netizens who have watched the video claim to traumatized by the broadcast on the Perverse Family link.

It can seen from the Preverse video screenshot that has spread, there a house that is the place for carrying out brutal scandalous acts. In addition, the photo also shows two women who have hanged on the second floor of the house.

The two women were hanged in inappropriate circumstances, they were not wearing clothes but only wearing underwear. Reportedly, it was the two women who became the actors of the brutal scandal in the Perverse Family video.