Synopsis Disney Movie Elemental for You Watch !

Synopsis Movie Elemental – The ELEMENTAL film is the latest animated film produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios. This romantic comedy drama genre animated film was directed by Peter Sohn. The story of the film ELEMENTAL was written by Peter Sohn, John Hoberg, Kat Likkel, and Brenda Hsueh.

This film will feature a number of well-known actors and actresses as voice actors. These actors and actresses include Leah Lewis, Mamoudou Athie, Ronnie del Carmen, Shila Omi, and other well-known stars. With a story set in a world inhabited by anthropomorphic natural elements, the film ELEMENTAL will present a unique story and neat visuals.

Synopsis Movie Elemental

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Elemental Movie Synopsis

ELEMENTAL tells the story of life from natural anthropomorphic elements. These elements consist of the elements water, fire, air and earth which coexist. They live in a city called Element City. Of these four elements, there are two elements that are difficult to unite.

These two elements, namely the elements of fire and water. The fire element has a strong, passionate and loud character, while the water element has a calm, pleasant and easy going character.

These differences make it difficult for them to unite. Even so, the two of them still try to unite by looking for similarities. Challenges arise when the city they live in experiences chaos. Those who are trying to unite must share their time to help resolve the chaos. Will the chaos end and they can unite?

Synopsis Movie Elemental

The Voice Actors and Characters

As is known, animated films are different from live-action films because animated films do not use actors and actresses as visual objects whose roles can be seen. Animated films feature animated characters whose characters are filled by the voices of the voice cast. So, here are the voice actors and characters in the film ELEMENTAL.

  1. Leah Lewis, voice actor for the character Ember Lumen, is a fire elemental who has a strong, intelligent character and loves working in her family’s shop. Ember also had difficulty controlling her emotions, but after meeting and falling in love with Wade, Ember became more open to doing so.
  2. Mamoudou Athie, voice actor for the character Wade Ripple, a water elemental figure who works as an inspector in Element City. Wade has a calm and pleasant character and demeanor. One day, Wade tried to get to know Ember until they finally became lovers.
  3. Ronnie del Carmen, voice actor for the character Bernie Lumen, Ember’s father who owns the Lumen family convenience store in Fire Town.
  4. Shila Ommi, voice actor for the character Cinder Lumen, mother of Ember Lumen who is also the wife of Bernie Lumen
  5. Mason Wertheimer, voices the character named Clod, an earth elemental whose character is intelligent. He is also a neighbor of Ember.
  6. Wendy McLendon, the voice of Gale, is an air element who has a good personality and works in Wade’s place.