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Thelongestfilm – Synopsis Pitch Movie in Order. Have your friends been involved in one of the most popular extracurricular activities at your school or campus? If yes, what is this? Of the many extracurriculars available, usually one of the interests is the choir. Not only famous for its prestigious members with good voices, in general, this extracurricular is also known by many people because its members often fill in at important events and become certain representatives.

Even so, the search for quality members is not easy at all. This is felt by the actresses and actors in this Pitch Perfect film. One of the many glee clubs at Barden University is Barden Bella, led by the super-stiff Aubrey. Can he get a new member for the Barden Bella Glee Club?

Synopsis Pitch Perfect

The film begins with the arrival of a new student named Beca Mitchell (Anna Kendrick), who is preparing to move into her new dorm while she is a student at Barden University. Beca’s father is a professor who works at the same university. Her father was the reason why Bella studied there.

After tidying up all her things in the new room, Beca started touring the campus to see which club she would join later. As he walking around, on the other side there a famous choir group among the extracurricular clubs on campus named Barden Bella.

Barden Bellas is one of Barden University’s many glee clubs, filled with a selection of girls with good voices. In 2011, at the ICCA (International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella), the Barden Bellas qualified for the final but had to accept defeat by the Barden University men’s choir club, the Barden Treblemakers.

This makes the new Barden Bellas leader, Aubrey Posen (Anna Camp), want to reorganize his members. Apart from finding new, fresher members and forgetting the embarrassing incident at ICCA involving Aubrey, he also wants Barden Bella to beat the Barden Treblemakers; that’s his ambition.

Initially Looking For New Members

During the admission of new students, the choir club opened a booth to find new members. Aubrey and his partner, Chloe Beale (Brittany Snow), try their best to attract as many new students to join them. In their endless search, they meet the first new member, named Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson), who is super hilarious.

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In her search, Beca meets Aubrey and Chloe. Beca immediately offered an audition to join the Barden Bellas. However, Beca not too interested, even though Aubrey and Chloe have described the contents, aims, and objectives of the Barden Bellas, which Beca feels are too boring. Instead of registering for campus activities, Beca instead applied as a campus intern at a local radio station.

There, Beca meets another student named Jesse Swanson (Skylar Astin), who is also registering as an intern. When Beca’s father found out that his son was actually taking an internship, he seemed a little disappointed. But Beca’s father was speechless, until finally he gave an option: if Beca could try to join one of the clubs on campus and study for a year but still wasn’t comfortable, he would send Beca to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming a song producer.

Beca, who heard about this, immediately agreed, even though she had not decided whether she would join any club. After the chat was over, Beca took a shower in the shared bathroom. While getting ready to take a shower, he sang David Guetta’s song Titanium. While she was busy washing, Chloe suddenly came and asked her to sing.

Beca Gets Alto Voiced

Beca taken aback, but finally complied with Chloe’s request and ended up with an audition invitation from Chloe, which Beca immediately considered. As the D-day arrived, Beca, who arrived later, managed to get Alto’s voice position in Barden Bellas along with nine other new members.

Getting new members is not an easy matter for Aubrey and Chloe; they have to teach them about traditional Bellas, and the effort given to new members is very difficult to get good results from. At the first show, the Barden Bellas mess up, and Chloe gets a nuisance in her vocal cords, making things even more complicated.

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After things got a bit under control, they joined forces again in a game called rip-off, where all the members of the choir club sing each other’s songs. This made Beca start to like the club she joined. Everything that done aligns with Beca’s passion for music. Not to mention the activities while in the choir club made him closer to Jesse.

Synopsis Pitch Movie in Order : Beca Performs At ICCA

Synopsis Pitch Movie In Order

Beca began to dare to make new breakthroughs by combining other songs with the Barden Bellas song, which always sung in every contest. He did this at the ICCA event, which they participated in. This made Aubrey furious and eventually spread so far that Jesse carried along. The Barden Bellas are finally on hiatus.

The Barden Bellas’ chance to win at the ICCA event must reported. However, thanks to one of the participants being proven to have violated the rules, the ICCA match reopened for the Barden Bellas, and this made the best use of by the Bellas. But Aubrey decides not to bring Beca back. This noticed by the other members and started a debate. Many said that what Bella was doing was right, so that it made everything fall apart, not according to Aubrey’s wishes.

All the events that have happened have made Beca aware of something. She is no better than anyone because she forces her will too. Finally, Beca ventured to come to the Bellas’ practice, even though it caused more commotion, but in the end, Aubrey both relented so that Beca entrusted with training them to appear at the ICCA event.

What the Bellas did finally led them to victory. Not only that, Beca’s relationship with her father has improved, and her relationship with Aubrey has also improved, specifically Beca’s relationship with Jesse. The movie finished.

Anna Kendrick, the Stage Stealer

Synopsis Pitch Movie In Order

After watching this film, it can finally be concluded that the main character of Pitch Perfect Beca Mitchell, played by Anna Kendrick. Anna succeeded in playing the rebellious character Beca, but finally changed 360 degrees after many good and bad events happened to her.

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Anna’s charm here can said to steal attention; maybe this will be the first time that Anna can act and sing directly in one scene. It didn’t disappoint. Anna’s voice turned out to be good, though not as good as the original singer, but at least he could read the tunes.

Synopsis Pitch Movie in Order : Too many members

Synopsis Pitch Movie In Order

If you pay attention, there are a lot of members of the Barden Bellas, starting with the team leader, Aubrey, her best friend Chloe, then Fat Amy, Beca, the sexy Stacie, the tomboyish Cynthia Rose, Jessie, Lily, Denis, and finally Ashley. However, only a few “enter” the story.

This makes Jessie, Denis, and Ashley something of an extra and not members of the Barden Bellas. Whereas the other members lives and contributions within the Barden Bellas are highlighted so that the audience can recognize them, since the director didn’t introduce the three of them, we don’t really know them all.

Synopsis Pitch Movie in Order : Percussion or Acapella?

Synopsis Pitch Movie In Order

When Beca first entered the audition, only Beca did percussion while the other participants were doing a cappella, and this also allowed by both Aubrey and Chloe. This made me confused; how could Beca get away with it because she clearly didn’t do A Capella?

However, the whole story presented by Jason Moore is quite entertaining for the audience, as is being able to hear firsthand the hidden talents of Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow, who can both sing well.