Black Swan Synopsis, Obsession Takes Over Reality

Black Swan Synopsis – Humans have different desires from one person to another. A strong desire will grow into an obsession. Obsession can be a double-edged sword for someone.

It could be good if the obsession we have spurs us to develop for the better. It could also be bad, if we justify any means to realize that obsession.

Usually obsession formed without us knowing it. Starting from our desire to be a better human being than today. In the movie Black Swan, a woman really wants to be a successful ballerina. That desire grew into an obsession that actually led to personal problems. Find out more in the synopsis and review of the film below.

Black Swan Synopsis

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Black Swan Synopsis

Nina Sayers is a young woman living in New York. He joined a ballet company. Thomas Leroy, ballet instructor, intends to open the new season with a show called Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky. Principal ballerina, Beth MacIntyre, forced to relinquish her role. The problem, Beth’s age is considered too old.

Thomas held auditions to find the main role in Swan Lake. Swan Lake requires a ballerina to play two characters. The two characters are White Swan Odette and Black Swan Odile. White Swan is the embodiment of an innocent and fragile character. Black Swan is the opposite, sensual and dark at the same time.

Thomas is impressed by Nina’s performance

Nina auditioned for the lead role in the show Swan Lake. Thomas impressed by Nina’s performance. Nina looks perfect playing Odette. It’s just that, the character of Odile was not played by Nina at all.

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The next day, Nina asked Thomas to give her the role. Thomas kisses Nina forcibly. Nina bit Thomas’ lip again and left.

In the evening, Nina saw the lineup of Swan Lake players. He surprised to see his name as the main character. The ballerinas in the ballet company are having a party. Beth, who drunk, accuses Nina of using underhanded means to get the lead role. The way in question is to give rewards in the form of sex.

Black Swan Synopsis

Beth Dies Accident

The next day, Nina gets the news that Beth has died after hit by a car. Thomas believes that Beth committed suicide. Nina visits Beth in the hospital. He saw Beth’s badly injured leg. The injury caused Beth to no longer be a ballerina. For a ballerina, feet are everything.

While rehearsing, Thomas asks Nina to pay attention to a new ballerina, Lily. Lily has a body that is almost exactly the same as Nina. Besides that, Thomas said that Lily has things that Nina doesn’t have. Lily is considered to have a dark and wild charisma. Therefore, it predicted that he could become Odile.

Lily’s presence made Nina feel threatened. Nina begins to have hallucinations. He even found a scratch wound on his back. One night, Lily asked Nina out for a drink. Nina had warned by her mother, Erica, to refuse. Nina even agreed to Lily’s invitation. Lily puts ecstasy in Nina’s drink.

Black Swan Synopsis

Nina’s hallucination

Lily and Nina are under the influence of drugs. They try to seduce two men. They then return to Nina’s house. Erica argued with Nina. According to Erica, Lily was a bad influence. Nina insisted on bringing Lily into the room. They both had sex. The next morning, Nina is late to try on costumes for the Swan Lake show.

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Nina meets Lily to talk about what happened the night before. Lily denied all of Nina’s statements. Nina felt that Lily was prepared to her successor. Nina increasingly immersed in hallucinations.

He began to have difficulty distinguishing between reality and hallucinations. Meanwhile, the night of the show draws near. Can Nina hold on to her spot for the lead role?