Synopsis of Arrival, Alien from a Different Point of View

Synopsis of Arrival – One day without any warning, the skies of Montana received a very large foreign object. Montana is one of 12 other places around the world where this happens. Confused about this and at the same time worried, a team was formed. Louise, who works as a linguist, was then appointed as the alien language translator.

Arrival does not tell about the invasion carried out by aliens to control Earth. This film takes another point of view; the language they use and how humans and aliens can communicate using symbols. Are you curious about how this film works? You have to watch it straight away, but before that, let’s look at the synopsis and review first below!

Synopsis of Arrival

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Synopsis of the film Arrival

Louise Banks lost her 12 year old daughter to cancer. The story continues when Louise, who is a linguist, sees a strange object in the sky above Montana. She didn’t know anything until arriving in class, Louise was told that the object came from outer space. This object just landed about 40 minutes ago in Montana and apparently also landed in 12 other countries.

The campus alarm was raised and the students were sent home, including Louise, because the situation was quite tense. Over the radio Louise heard that the experts also knew nothing about the mysterious object; where did he come from and why did he come? They are worried that these strange objects could harm Earth’s inhabitants.

Massive Demonstrations

When she got home, Louise continued to monitor the news broadcasting this object. In the morning, Louise learned that in several countries there had been large demonstrations. When he arrived at the class to teach, he didn’t find a single student. Things started to get tense because borders were closed and flights were stopped.

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The government eventually declared a state of emergency and sent about 5,000 troops to Montana. Louise then had a colonel named G.T. Weber (Forest Whitaker). Weber came to him to offer him a job that couldn’t be done by just anyone, namely translating the language of the creatures that inhabited this strange object.

Previously, Louise was successful in carrying out the task of translating Persian for American intelligence, because of this ability, Louise was entrusted with this task. Weber then gave Louise a recording of the alien creature’s voice. His voice seemed to sound like a monster, shaking, roaring but not clear. Weber continued to say that the number of alien creatures inhabiting this strange object is estimated to be two.

Synopsis of Arrival

Encounters with Alien Creatures

Louise then explains that it would be very difficult to translate a language from just sounds. He had to meet this creature directly. Weber did not comply with his request. Louise then left a message for Danvers via Weber to translate the word ‘war’ into Sanskrit. Louise was on guard perhaps it was connected to the language.

That night, Louise woke up when Weber came and agreed to her request this afternoon to meet the alien creature. Louise then left for Montana by helicopter. There apparently was Ian Donnelly (Jeremy Renner) who is a physicist. Ian had the same fate as Louise; recruited to solve the mystery of the strange object.

The team’s goal is to find out what their desires are, where they come from and how did they get to Earth? Arriving in Montana they see the alien ship for the first time. The ID was so big, oval-shaped and looked like it made Louise confused and amazed. Louise and Ian were then immediately taken to the barracks and met Captain Marks (Mark O’Brien).

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Synopsis of Arrival: Blood Sample Test

Next, Louise and Ian were asked for blood samples for testing. After that they were invited to the control room and met with Agent Halpern (Michael Stuhlbard). It can be seen that the top leaders of countries in the world are discussing to find a way out of this incident.

Meanwhile, Ian explained that these foreign objects which are spread across many countries have different atmospheric pressure or gravity. Therefore it takes hours for oxygen and pressure to balance. It is feared that this could cause humans to suffocate.

Synopsis of Arrival

Hole of Strange Things

The story continues when Louise is appointed as the head to translate the language of these alien creatures. They are also prepared to wear complete protective clothing to avoid exposure to radiation which could be dangerous. Louise was given the explanation that they could only see but not touch the alien creature.

The group departed and Louise was very close to this super large foreign object. Louise and her team then entered the object through a box-shaped hole in the form of a long tunnel located at the bottom. Ian’s words about gravity proved to be true. They can even walk on the walls of these strange objects.

The team then walked over the walls and prepared to head towards the end of the tunnel which appeared to be glowing. They finally reached the end of the hall while walking upside down and found a large dividing glass. From there, Louise and the team heard a strange roar from behind the glass wall. Before long, Louise immediately carried out her duties.

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Synopsis of Arrival: Research Begins

After successfully getting the recorded sound, they returned to base and Louise began researching it. On the other hand, unrest began to occur in America because residents heard news of the existence of alien creatures on Earth. Louise, who was starting to focus, actually felt scared, but she wanted to solve it and find out what really happened. He also brought a whiteboard to try to communicate.

In the second attempt, Louise took the board into the alien ship. There he met a terrible seven-legged magical creature. The symbol that Louise sent made them react. Louise also dared to take off the PPE equipment she was wearing and introduced herself to the alien, which according to Ian was known as the Heptapod type. So what actually happened? Can Louise translate alien languages? Why did they come to Earth?